“Miserable figure” – but Rangers still keep winning…


Rangers’ performance v St Johnstone was as Jekyll and Hyde a display as Steven Gerrard’s men have produced this season.

The first half was slow, lethargic, littered with passing mistakes and lacking wildly in convincing shots on goal.

The second half was sharp, incisive, energetic, and once Alfredo Morelos’ stunning opening goal had nestled in the back of the net, the game was already as good as won.

It really was the proverbial game of two halves.

While Steven Gerrard cut an uncharacteristically miserable figure before kick off, the team he put out looked strong on paper. Nikola Katic’s bizarre continued omission aside, the XI picked certainly was up there as one of Rangers’ stronger.

Scott Arfield was mercifully rested (more on that later) and midfield saw the enterprising Steven Davis pulling the usual strings behind Aribo and Jack, while Brandon Barker got a rare starting chance with Ojo on the other side flanking El-Buffalo.

And this XI did dictate the first half significantly – but it failed disappointingly to make Zander Clark do much beyond Morelos’ one-on-one. Indeed, but for an absolutely magnificent McGregor save, Helander’s careless ‘assist’ for O’Halloran could have seen more of a tussle for Rangers to get the three points.

After the break, and once Morelos had broken the deadlock, the game was dead and buried, and at long last Rangers’ recent poverty in front of goal was crushed as Goldson’s decent header made it two before Jermain Defoe’s clinical finishing as a sub rounded off a nice scoreline for the visitors.

The result slightly flattered Gerrard’s men – they’d had most of the ball but hadn’t done enough with it, where St Johnstone will rue two massive chances they had – but of course Rangers were denied a stone wall penalty too.

What was absolutely critical yesterday afternoon was the three points. St Johnstone were looking to take a big scalp to get their horrific season finally up and running, and this was a bit of a banana skin potentially for Rangers.

And the truth is the visiting side did not play badly at all, it just lacked killer edge in the first half.

In the second, Gerrard’s men put the home side to the sword, and took their chances (and luck) very well indeed.

Was it the result of a side looking to make a sustained title challenge? Well, Celtic were tested by Killie too, as Alessio’s side in fact led v Lennon’s outfit, and they too rose to the challenge and won out 3-1. But all Rangers can do is just keep winning.

Let’s not forget, Celtic debacle aside Rangers’ record this season is impeccable – 100% wins. The only draws have been leg affairs in Europe, so whatever some might think of the performances in places, the results do keep flowing.

We’re not ‘loving’ what we’re seeing, as it can be a bit patchy, but it’s getting results and that’s the crucial factor.

Rangers need to just keep winning, and the rest will take care of itself.


  1. Spot on! I would ideally like winning and entertaining football. But if I can only have one of these, give me winning football 100% of the time!

  2. The lack luster performance in the 1st half didn't really surprise me as Gerrards pre-match interview just before the game was the same, he didn't have the same enthusiasm that he usually has in the interviews. His head was down nearly the entire interview, i know he is reading off script but normally SG has far more eye contact with the camera / interviewer than he did on this occasion, he seemed down beat and not his usually prepared and cheery self and i am sure his demenour rubbed off on the players 1st half.

  3. 3 points is all that matters,the first half was like the old rangers tippy tappy going nowhere crap,but Sir Gerrard gave them all a good kick n the baws at half time hence the walkover in the end,its games like these that cost us the league last season so its good to see at last we can step up and get the job done


  4. You know it's almost like you have to keep a close grip on this team, or they slack off. After SG talks at half time, they decide to go for it. But they should have been about it, from the start.

    • I remember so many games under the great Walter, were exactly like the game on Sunday. The first half performances were often uninspiring, and then the second half was entirely different. I often sat and wondered why it was frequently like that. I still don't have the answer!

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