“Masterclass – 9” – Rangers hero rises in ratings v Aberdeen


Rangers absolutely strolled it today v Aberdeen in perhaps the easiest win in living memory over a traditionally difficult opponent.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our scores for the XI.


Is there any point rating him? He had next-to-nothing to do and was seen reading Wuthering Heights at one point. N/A


Ok, he scored a couple of decent penalties, but his crossing was hit and miss and he wasn’t much of an attacking threat as he’s normally capable of being. Not a bad outing and he did score those two penalties plus swing in a few useful corners, but we’ve seen better from him. 6


He did ok, but he didn’t have a lot to do really. Looked his usual complacent lazy self overall. 6


Back in the side and the dropping seemed to have got to him like it did last year – nervous and shaky and never really got into the game. A few hiccups with Barisic which does lend credence to our theory from earlier. 5


For the second match running Rangers’ best defender and this time it was unequivocal on his own merits rather than the failings of others. Barisic defended very well, no one getting past him, and he finally starting getting advanced in terms of attacking – the crosses and corners are back at last, and his assist for Morelos’ superb header was borderline world class. Great performance. 8


One reader (who will remain nameless to save their embarrassment) had the gall, audacity and arrogance to suggest Davis was Rangers’ worst player v Livi, despite clearly being the best. Well the NI international showed up even more so today, and ran the show from beginning to end in one of the finest displays he’s ever had in our shirt. We counted no misplaced passes, some sterling vision, great work off the ball and just a supreme all-round display. Masterclass. 9


Worked hard, covered the grass, and supported the attack. Not as much defending because it frankly wasn’t needed. A good performance from Jack. 7


Says he’s in the best condition of his life but we have to say we’re not really seeing that. Was a little better with some useful passing and movement, but overall either he needs a rest physically or mentally. Still not quite at full speed. 6


Showed some electric pace but that was about it. Just doesn’t make the right decisions most of the time, and plays this game for himself. Hasn’t progressed much since he arrived and isn’t playing on merits of his form. 5


A total menace today, as usual, and keeps on developing his game as a rising star of the sport. He’s getting more confident, stronger, and reads the game better. He’s also learned a tonne from Defoe about movement. In short, every aspect of Morelos’ game is a big improvement over last season. And he scored. Excellent. 8


Stewart will never be Ronaldo, but he’s an honest player who has a bit of quality about him and will give what he has when he’s got a chance to. Did himself no justice in Fife, but made up for it at Ibrox with an enterprising and energetic display. Can be very happy with his mental sharpness to anticipate the rebound for his goal. 8


Steven Gerrard surprised us all by reverting back to Niko Katic and bringing Stewart in from the cold. The Croat didn’t quite stand out, but Stewart can consider himself a valid squad option in the vein of Halliday. In terms of the system, it worked. He made a bizarre ‘error’ in bringing Defoe on alongside Morelos, which completely did not work, but corrected it quickly by removing Morelos to preserve him for Young Boys. A good afternoon’s work for Stevie, and much more like the kind of Rangers we saw in the split last season. 9


  1. Hard to argue with ratings but because its Aberdeen id be giving them all medals. Never wanted McInnes as manager and no doubt that controversial shae logan might have a pop lol

    I dont think tav as a captain, never really see him shouting ir pushing the team. Mcgregor yes but gk captains dont work. Also id like to see some swagger back in. If we exude confidence we are already up on the other team.

    I hate Aberdeen. Hate. Forget the golf ball with a nail or the fans who hid on the subway, hate them. They hate us and hope they get shafted. Scott Allan might sign for them eh lol

  2. I thought this was our most complete performance of the season with no failures. They all played their part. We completely dominated Aberdeen except for the few minutes between Morelos not going off and actually going off. This was a drubbing and could easily have been 7 or 8. It also removed any doubt about any challenge for second or third. We are going for first.

  3. What is wrong with these lads. Sounds like wee cowering timourous beasties, to me instead of Spartans. What they need, is bravery and when we show heart, we're at our best. Am really looking forward to the next, old firm. Pumping them, in their back yard, would be ideal. Come ON Rangers, ONWARDS!

  4. Best SPFL performance this season. Its the consistency I have always talked/moaned about.
    We didn't get beat by Celtic last season, it was games like those when we were dropping stupid points against other teams.
    I hope and pray we keep this consistency and that the players stay injury free. We still have Kent to come back. So hopefully we can keep the momentum going.
    My feet will always be on the ground. But it's pleasing to see us grinding out results as well as pumping the sheep off the park! Keep it going lads!!

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