Just why are Rangers ST’s so expensive?


Earlier we published a piece on how Rangers’ salaries are growing and starting to compete more with Celtic’s.

That Rangers are going more toe-to-toe on the numbers we are able to offer players in order to attract them to Govan.

And one source of revenue that allows this is Rangers’ season tickets.

Now, a lot of controversy has emerged over the price – while the numbers of sales once again broke every record in the book, by some considerable distance Rangers were the highest-priced premium ST on offer in the SPL, with an eye-watering £724 as the most expensive offering available at Ibrox.

By comparison Celtic’s top was £647 and for some context, even top English clubs like Man Utd charge only marginally more than Rangers, at a whopping £950, where Arsenal just make everyone look like paupers at a frankly ridiculous £1768.

But nevertheless, Rangers’ range of prices left a lot of fans angry at best – even if the cheapest tickets were actually only the third highest.

But there’s a reason for this. As we explained earlier, Rangers’ ambitions are growing, and most sources of revenue are following suit – unfortunately a lot of the time the ones to foot the bills are the fans – which is, after all, why we are called supporters.

And in order for Rangers revenue streams not to rely on soft loans and board member investments topping up the normal and growing sources like prize money, merchandise and TV cash et al, the fans have to help too. And that’s where the very expensive stuff comes in.

The idea here, we believe, is that by having cheap season tickets available, it gave early birds the choice to invest heavily, or be modest – but crucially, that choice was given. You didn’t have to buy a pricey ticket if you wanted a cheaper one. You got to choose what price you were willing to pay. Whether via renewing or general sale.

Like it or not, part of Rangers’ return to the top of the table is by big money going in – and part of that has to come from supporters, the ones who can’t expect this all to be given on the cheap.

We personally have no issue with the prices here, as long as the product delivered isn’t a complete waste of cash.

And we’d think few fans would consider Rangers a waste of cash.


  1. IN. I am unable to attend anything other than my hospital styled bed at home, until either:-

    1. My 'Battle' (surgery) is delayed to long
    2. The aforementioned surgery, which has a 4/1 of failure
    3.As I predict, I will come through the other side and my loved ones and I can recapture the quality of life we shared prior ironically. To 2012.

    But I must say I have never grudged that extra ten Bob or a shilling to see The one and only FAMOUS

    • Correct if it gets the Famous back on top iam sure it wouldnt be an issue for anyone,
      And look at the value and quality we now have,always reinvesting in our club

      GSTQ WATP🇬🇧

  2. Everything's all about the season ticket holders. What about those Rangers fans that can't afford them. Take the scraps and like it. Bad show.

  3. My wife and me safe up and pay £715 each for our season tickets. Money well spent, it's more than just football,its your whole life, meeting friends going for a drink and doing what you have always done and always will do.

  4. Season price tickets will fluctuate, at this time we are looking to compete etc once on an even footing then maybe costs will be looked at. I worked in procurement, its not as simple as saying we charge x they charge y, things like food prices get brought in. Id rather pay a bit more to improve

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