It’s time for Steven Gerrard to make a big change at Ibrox

It’s time for Steven Gerrard to make a big change at Ibrox

We’ve been teetering on this topic for a while, with regular readers knowing we’re not Connor Goldson’s biggest fans, but more and more Rangers supporters seem to be similarly advocating his dropping to the bench.

Is this fair? From us or from his detractors?

We’re big Niko Katic fans. Have been from the start. Should never have lost his place, but it was the making of him and he’s the best defender in the country now. Niko Katic is on the cusp of a call up to the national team, and that would be just sensational.

Steven Gerrard has confirmed Filip Helander’s place on the bench is because the Croat has been playing so well, but made no mention of his partner’s merits or otherwise.

This led Ibrox Noise to conclude that alongside Ryan Jack and James Tavernier, Connor Goldson is a fulcrum of the team, that if fit he starts, period.

And yet, his performance since he joined have rarely been of the standard of Katic’s – that the ex-Brighton man started out quite strongly last season, fell away after that disaster at Fir Park and never looked the same defender again.

There is just that nagging feeling the 26-year old isn’t the most hearty defender, that he’s not terribly physical, and he lacks urgency. His problem is of course that his partner is all of these things, but more and more we hear calls for Goldson to be rested/dropped and for Helander to finally be given a chance.

Helander’s signing helped push Katic’s form to new levels, but Goldson’s hasn’t changed – he’s got complacent and appears to be untouchable. He knows he plays if he’s fit, but unlike both James Tavernier and Ryan Jack, who work incredibly hard for the team, Goldson seems almost lazy as a result of that.

We paid £3M for a Swedish international, and we think it’s high time he got a shot to put some pressure on Goldson. No one should be untouchable in the Rangers team, and at least Tavernier, McGregor and Jack by and large justify their places with performances or at least extensive effort.

We can’t say Goldson is justifying himself on either of those barometers right now.

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  1. He could probably do with a rest. The big man has played nearly 70 games for us in just over a year. He has improved since last year and we have not lost many goals this season on his watch, but unfortunately he had a pretty big part in both of the Saville FC goals.

    In saying that, having a settled back 4 is desirable and he can be pretty mighty at times. His staunch defending started the move that led to our 3rd goal v Livvy.

    Greegsy, Tav and Katic seem pretty comfortable with him too, but it would be interesting to see how Helander and Edmundson fit in to the position.

  2. Guys guys guys we are all gonnae need to just calm down. Would you rather Cribari and Perry back. He is our vice captain. Get behind him and the team

    • Like amuruso always will make a major mistake in every game cost us many points give the new guys a go if not sell them

    • The TEAM was shite Against Celtic.

      I for one was surprised neither of the New Two have had a chance.
      BUT we have made a significantly better start off the blocks from last season. We threw away the three points against a Celtic Team who remind us every time, Do your talking on the park. Scott Broon tore us apart and I am more ANGRY that we are also shredded by young SCOTS raised players when our own are deemed not good enough

      Whoever made that decision is amateur.

      Even last season, we are desperate for a LB, but refused Lee Wallace . Disillusioned or what

      Warburton must be Magic. Glasgow Rangers Captain in his prime. For £00.000.

      But Borna Barmstick cost us £3m can't get a chance for a run.

      Must say, Livvy play a decent game

      In the 'smaller' league/ cup games I'd make minor changes.
      But I mean such as Docherty for Arfield
      Change of backline to allow a new guy in and Tav a break?

      And Most. Buy a YOUNG POWER HOUSE STRIKER to help Alfredo Morelos who runs his heart out.
      Aribo is great and will improve
      OJO likewise us Improving, both tho too inconsistent due to too many fixtures.

      Use the young guys like wit the smellies is doing

  3. This is where I think Gerrard lacks experience. He puts himself in a position of treating certain players as irreplaceable where others are always judged on each performance. If he drops Goldson it's now "bowing to fan pressure" which he wont do as hes too stubborn. Instead of standing by his own rule that everyone earns their place, hes now inconsistent and its becoming newsworthy and invites pressure to act. Deal with issues early dont make the fans frustrated and let them just relax and enjoy the football. Gers fans are tired of seeing the obvious and expecting change that never comes.

  4. support the team.he is our best defender easily.because katic is aggressive in the air and scores goals does not make him a better defender.goldson positional sense is much better.we have lost 1 game all season because the whole team underperformed.get a grip

  5. I am definitely guilty of criticising Goldson. His lack of co-operation and situational awareness, has cost us this season, so far. Helander needs to be used. Blind loyalty and guaranteed places for 'certain' players, must stop at Ibrox. Period. Team comes before individual players and right now, good or bad, Connor Goldson needs benched with Helander put in.

    • Agree with you Joe90 Goodson is not that good and neither is Tavernier as both are bad defenders as was proved against Celtic and not just this season we definitely need to play Helander to see if we have spent money wisely or not also we can’t let young Edmunson sit on his rump, I would play a a back 3 of Helander,Katic and Edmundson to see how they played together and have a strong defence.

  6. He's been poor most of the season so far, got away with a lot because Katic covered his arse. He's now starting to affect players around him they can't trust him.
    Don't see what others obviously see as I see him as slow and gets caught ball watching all the time, his passing is also mince, great in the air.
    I think we have 3 better CH'S at the club and one cost £3.5m FFS
    Arfield he's also needing a break he played straight through the summer with Canada. Shadow of the player he was last year.

    If either of our CH's get dropped it will be Katic, our gaffers got blinkers on when it comes to Goldson.

  7. It's worth playing Helander to see what he's got. Maybe he's the best defender at the club but not getting a chance. It was very worrying how much havoc Livingston caused our defence with very little of the ball while we huffed and puffed and could hardly make a dent at times.

  8. Goldson panics frequently but so do a few others. Some are better in Europe. Put the physical players in domestic games and semi technical ones in European games. Scottish football requires less skill. National team has been proving it for years. Manager must target skilled physical players wherever possible
    Morelos, Aribo Jack Katic sometimes Arfield can all play a bit. Calimero buys some decent players with a physical approach. Current Rangers team has difficulty scoring against a packed defence. I. E. 10 teams in Premier league. Entertainment value of Scottish football is one of the worst in the world and has been for many years. Aberdeen, Kilmarnock were awful in Europe this year. Celtic lost 4 goals at home v Cluj. Rangers scraped past Legia. Change the league to resemble Holland and reduce the number of teams. Europe is the future not the league Cup it is simply robbing fans of money. Standards will improve addressing entertainment and skill levels. Let's play football. Might even improve refereeing standards. Well we can but dream.

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