Gerrard favourite gives big confession – and we applaud him for it


Glen Kamara’s confession today that he isn’t in good form is the kind of maturity, responsibility and dignity we expect from Rangers players.

The Finnish international has been extremely poor by the impressive standards he set especially in last season’s split, and while it’s been with a heavy heart, we at Ibrox Noise have called that out.

He hasn’t been good enough, and admits that’s why he’s not been in the team as much:

“If I’m honest, I probably haven’t been in my best form and I’ve not been as good as I thought I was last season and that’s probably the reason I haven’t played as much.”

This is the kind of comment we love almost as much as Ryan Kent saying Rangers fans are better than Liverpool fans – this is the humility and grace all Rangers players should have, making it a sport for gentlemen who can acknowledge their failings and hold their hands up in complete accountability.

He is of course dead right – he was a Gerrard favourite last season, and merited his selection more and more as time went on – by the split he’d become integral and his stock was sky high as he produced ‘that’ moment v Celtic for Scott Arfield’s fine finish.

But this season, it’s plummeted. He hasn’t hit those heights at all. As Ibrox Noise’s Derek pointed out in this piece, his work ethic and reading of the game was horribly off against Celtic on Sunday, and his misunderstanding part of why Goldson was not the only one at fault for their opener.

Kamara has struggled badly, strangely going backwards in the past couple of months. For the best man who could possibly be his manager, the 23-year old has been a shadow of his old self.

He said:

“He’s a good man manager. He speaks to people individually and he also speaks to us as a group. You can really sense that leadership from him. You can tell he was a leader on and off the pitch. It’s great to have him as a manager. He’s always giving you little tips – not just to us midfielders, but also to the strikers and the defenders. He’s been there and done it, so it’s great to receive that from him. I rate him very highly. He does the man-management side of things really well and he motivates you, but his tactics are usually spot on too. It’s great to learn from him and I think I am starting to do things I wouldn’t normally do. So he’s definitely improved me.”

And yet, it’s gone in reverse this campaign. We do wonder why – second season syndrome, perhaps.

But our respect for the Fin has definitely raised – we admire those who can find fault in themselves and concede their failings – those who don’t take responsibility for errors and poor performances are not overly welcome at Ibrox.

Of course, we would hasten to add we’d like to see those failings stamped out, and the individual improve – but the first stage is admitting it.

And Kamara has been the bigger man and done so.


  1. I wonder what is making our young players, to go off the boil and lose their mojo. Aribo and Ojo may be a bit overwhelmed. But, Kamara gets on my nerves. He's much better than he's playing and he knows, what to expect. All these lads, they better find out what the problem is and get it dealt with. This is NOT the season, for off-the-boil or injuries. That, was last year and we're playing catch-up already.

  2. We as players all have our ups and downs. If there is something wrong it has to be ironed out. At the end of the day we want to be committed and work as a team. And win all our games. But we must strive not to take our eye off the ball or we will get punished. I'm sure Mr Kamara will get back on track and give us 100%.

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