Emphatic: 88% of Rangers fans polled want Stevie to dump mainstay


We’ve been running a few polls of late, gathering some opinion from our fellow fans, and one particularly stood out yesterday, with the results being especially interesting.

Regular readers know we’re not massive Connor Goldson fans, believing him to be a bit overrated by some and not really justifying his place any more in light of the new recruits Steven Gerrard signed this summer.

So we put it to you. Where did you stand on the 26-year old ex-Brighton man? Was he standing out for you and delivering what he should be for the £3M fee, or is it time to try someone else?

The result was one of the most emphatic we’ve seen on any poll we’ve published:

A staggering 88% (so more or less 90%) of the thousand+ responses wanted to see Filip Helander taking Goldson’s place to push him, rather than the complacency he’s currently looking.

Only 12% wanted the Englishman to remain Gerrard’s most untouchable player.

Of course, there’s George Edmundson too, and one or two comments to us did mention their impression of the young stopper was positive, and might be worth a look as well.

But the overall result was clear – Rangers fans want Goldson to get a rest/be dropped and stop taking his place in the team for so much apparent granted.

And we agree entirely.


  1. Goldson to slow and overrated give helander or edmundson a chance before its to late Stevie G better get his finger out with team selection and tactics or he will be off by January

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