Disgrace then Dignity – Rangers atrocity ends classily


We neglected to cover this some days ago amidst all the rest of Rangers’ news to be reported, but if ever a half hour conveyed the disgrace and dignity of Rangers in one fell swoop, the Development Squad’s now-infamous fixture with Ballymena would be it.

As we know, Albanian imposter Eros Grezda absolutely disgraced the shirt he was privileged to wear by spitting on an opponent – this is no longer alleged, it happened, and the former Osijek winger will never play for this club again.

This, clearly, is the disgrace.

However, how utterly heartwarming was it to learn of Greg Docherty upholding true Rangers Standards, the Rangers Way, and, as Hibs’ Leann Dempster did much to Rangers’ appreciation last season, apologised unreservedly to his opponent.

The Hibs chief went out her way to apologise to James Tavernier and the club as a whole after that appalling pitch invasion incident at Easter Road, something which earned a lot of respect from Rangers in return, demonstrated in our willingness to do business this season by loaning them hot young prospect Glenn Middleton. We appreciate clubs showing dignity and class to us, and this was such an occasion.

And Docherty did the same last week – going out of his way to the home dressing room and apologising entirely to Ballymena, showing Grezda’s despicable actions would not be condoned by anyone at this club.

It is unclear exactly who Grezda inflicted this travesty on, but it similarly doesn’t matter – Docherty showed true leadership, class, and the mental fortitude that many of his colleagues could learn from by giving his opponent the apology he deserved and representing Rangers FC in the manner we expect.

We need more men with the integrity of Docherty in our squad, and guys like he are the way forward for Rangers.

Unlike his Albanian ex-team mate.


  1. Nice touch by Docherty , there was also other Members of Rangers apologised as well.
    Did Grezda apologise, no, a absolute disgrace but what do you expect from a Genuflector, vile

  2. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit rich getting your knickers in a twist about spitting when we have a wife beater in the team.
    So you can punch and kick a female in the head and it's ok, but we draw the line at spitting.
    The club have taken this Stance because they want him off the wage bill. We couldn't shift him out in January or the summer but the player have given the club an opportunity to get him off the wage bill.
    IN can you remember el Hadji dioup?
    Need I say more

  3. Docherty once again carries his Rangers Pride with dignity and good manners. It's a pity this Albanian has disgraced Rangers and his Albanian fellow pros too. Thanks Greg

  4. Flanagan took his punishment, for that. Spitting is disgusting and vile. Not saying hitting your wife/gf, isn't. But Flanno got well punished, for that. Docherty, the lad is showing his class and long may it continue.

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