Deadline Day shock; twist is no twist at all


As we brought to you recently, the only way forward for Rangers to go in the right direction was to dig deep and pay the money for Ryan Kent.

We didn’t truly expect it to happen, but we knew similarly Steven Gerrard had been left without an option.

It’s confirmed. He agrees. And Rangers today are putting a deadline day finishing touch on paying Liverpool what they want and signing Ryan Kent for £7M.

It’s a tonne of money, and in fact is Rangers’ second-highest ever transfer fee behind 1998’s Tore Andre Flo, but is the remainder of Gerrard’s summer budget and we have to say it’s events unfolding the way we suggested, even if not exactly as we predicted.

We told you how we had spent around £4M – a lot less than before. And we also stated this left around £6M for one big big signing or two big ones.

Kent was the rabbit out of the hat – the signing that would reinvigorate Rangers following a potential Old Firm loss – if Rangers had won yesterday, this signing might not have happened – but either way, Dave King and the board have waited till the last second and are finally giving Liverpool what they want and the full £7M for the 22-year old’s services.

With the loss of almost the entire wing reserves of Rangers, action had to be taken – this is dramatic, but it’s what we said had to happen.

And it now is.

Ryan Kent will be confirmed over the next day or so, if not less, and it’s exactly what Rangers needed after yesterday.

Welcome back Ryan.


  1. I have been one of Kings biggest critic's, however I am happy to hold my hands up when I wrong.

    1. I fully support the club stance against the bigots, should of happened sooner but late is better than never.

    2. Finding the funds to sign Kent is exactly the pick up the club needs after yesterday. One must remember that two of Celtics players (Jullien
    And Edouard) cost more than our entire squad cost. We desperately needed a marque attacking signing and hopefully we can get this over the line.

    3. It was King who chose Gerrard and convinced him to take job, when many others including myself saw it as a huge gamble when we couldn't afford to take a risk. Qualification for group stages two seasons running is vindication as is fact there is no longer a huge gulf between us and Celtic.

    I still have concerns over how club is being run but positive moves like these do help install some confidence.

    Didn't think would feel so positive today, but I do.

  2. This is where Kent wants to be and also Smeltic fear him.
    Vent your spleen and get all the your disappointment out what happened yesterday.Then rally, stick together, do not be divided, we will return as the Apex team in this country. Keep the wording of the songs clean give them no ammunition to bring us down.
    There is a Roman Inquisition happening in this country and are using Rangers FC as a vehicle to carry their message. Be more savvy with your wording and use hidden messages to get your point across.
    Yesterday was only a blip get behind the team and we will prevail. WATP

  3. After what Gerard did yesterday with that team selection I have now lost all/any confidence I had in him stopping septic not only this season but next season to,
    Now it's been reported that ryan Kent will be signing for 6/7 million the day after that shite management decision yesterday has actually made me more angry as this deal should have been done weeks ago and I know people will say it was down to whether we qualified for eauropa group stages to guarantee more revenue so that we could afford him,but for me this is a total deflection from what happened yesterday just to get the fans off Gerards back,but am sure it won't bother him as much as it does us….watp

    • dave your right kent was should have been our first signing ,why sign highlander ,im also with you on gerrard im not a fan off him we will never get another chance to end this smelltic senario ,they had half team out we were at ibrox ,and we send out a team to defend ,we win that one game we are on our way to 55, thats a fact ,never been so dissapointed in all my life with a football result and we have had a few belters , only good thing about the last ten years have been the fans ,undisputed greatest in britain , bye a country mile .w,a,t,p

  4. Just seen on the Record the offer has been accepted and they're discussing the personal terms. I'm probably the minority, but I think this is just stupid. A kneejerk reaction to one bad game. Last night Stevie said there would be no incoming(shows what he knew). Today somehow the board find a magic money bag of 7 mill and are blowing it on a player who had less goals and assists than Daryl Horgan.

    Should have given this 7 mill to Stevie at the start of the window and he could have brought in a very good centre forward. Or let me think a goddamn f***ing left back.

    • Totally agree Kent is a good wee player is he a 7M player though ? I'm not so sure .Klopp is cashing in on 1 good season at Rangers fair play to Liverpool I would much rather spend 5 or 6 on another Striker

  5. I don't understand this. If we have the money for Kent, why did we leave it until after we bought players like Barker et Al. When didn't we sign him weeks ago and play him in the old firm game?
    Seems strange to me

  6. Jesus Christ…
    Would U rather the CLUB paid 12m 4 weeks ago or 7m yesterday??
    Julian Wolhardt $$$$$$$ Got It??!

    • Where did you hear that about Julian wolhardt paying for the deal. Is it another soft loan?
      It's reported in the paper it was £2m upfront with additional payments and add one taking it up to £7m

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