Monday, 2 September 2019

Deadline Day shock; twist is no twist at all

As we brought to you recently, the only way forward for Rangers to go in the right direction was to dig deep and pay the money for Ryan Kent.

We didn’t truly expect it to happen, but we knew similarly Steven Gerrard had been left without an option.

It’s confirmed. He agrees. And Rangers today are putting a deadline day finishing touch on paying Liverpool what they want and signing Ryan Kent for £7M.

It’s a tonne of money, and in fact is Rangers’ second-highest ever transfer fee behind 1998’s Tore Andre Flo, but is the remainder of Gerrard’s summer budget and we have to say it’s events unfolding the way we suggested, even if not exactly as we predicted.

We told you how we had spent around £4M – a lot less than before. And we also stated this left around £6M for one big big signing or two big ones.

Kent was the rabbit out of the hat – the signing that would reinvigorate Rangers following a potential Old Firm loss – if Rangers had won yesterday, this signing might not have happened – but either way, Dave King and the board have waited till the last second and are finally giving Liverpool what they want and the full £7M for the 22-year old’s services.

With the loss of almost the entire wing reserves of Rangers, action had to be taken – this is dramatic, but it’s what we said had to happen.

And it now is.

Ryan Kent will be confirmed over the next day or so, if not less, and it’s exactly what Rangers needed after yesterday.

Welcome back Ryan.

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