Friday, 20 September 2019

"Crazy" - Steven Gerrard is absolutely outraged by the SFA

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has labelled the SFA ‘crazy’ for forcing Rangers into a 12:15PM kick off this Sunday off the back of a European night, thereby discovering for himself the true ‘Sporting Integrity’ of the amateur authorities that govern the game in this country.

Rangers had an epic 90 last night, but barely 48 hours later are in Perth for a noon kick off and the manager called a spade a spade when he illustrated how absurd this is:

“We have to get the players recovered as quick as we can because unfortunately the SFA don’t help us in situations like these, they give you the 12:15 kick off which is, crazy. But we have to live with that deal and get on with it.”

He’s of course absolutely dead right, this is absurd but them’s the rules in Scotland. Even in England they manage to give both Man Utd and Wolves a couple of extra hours for recovery following their Thursday exertions, but Rangers must get on with it at more or less the earliest legal time possible.

Scottish football really is a bit of a joke.


  1. It's nuts,if the SFA want the Scottish teams in Europe to do well then they must help them any way they can.
    The Scottish participation in Europe can only be beneficial to the Scottish game and possibly bringing in sponsorship and recognition to the game in Scotland

  2. I've never liked early kick-offs and i'm pretty sure, i'm not alone on that. I'm old school. 3pm was the kick-off time for decades, but then Sky and the like, started dictating and the likes of Rod Petrie (mong) & co, just fold and give them their way. How does everybody else, feel?

  3. The usual shite from the scum,trying there best to fuck us up,fannies
    No surrender


  4. It's got nothing to do with Europe and everything to do with helping the smaller teams make a fist of it against the bigger teams domestically. There are four clear days between the Sunday and the Thurs game, which is good. But then if the lesser teams take points off the league leaders it keeps the overall campaign looking (allegedly) more competitive and interesting.

    I'd far rather take the long prep time before playing a good European team.

    A team good enough to win the league and compete in Europe should still be skelping the lesser teams 60 hours later without making excuses in advance.

  5. I love Benidormloyal he says what we all think. Keep going at this Shower please obviously it's a disgrace again. No matter how much we complain it won't change...Let's do 55 and Fuck Them All

  6. It is pathetic the way Scottish football is run. The organisation of it is like something from a third world country. No wonder the national team is such a joke, and it is completely and utterly bizarre the lack of support and help for teams competing in European competition. Shame on the people who run Scottish football, they are a disgrace!

    1. Ok so between spl games when do you suggest uefa fit in their little cup?

  7. This is just a result of being successful guys. Tottenham played away in the CL on Wednesday and playing 12:30 on Saturday. That’s football,move on.

  8. Benidormloyal and BillB are deluded if they think this is the SFA or SPL’s doing. This is TV and in this case BT Sport. They dictate kick off times and tv schedules. Not the SFA nor SPL.

    We enjoy their cash and the price to pay is their televised schedules.

    Hardly rocket science.

  9. What is the actual argument here? So we still play on Sunday albeit 2hrs 45mins earlier than the usual 3pm. Celtic have to do the same and dont hear them whingeing. Its been like this for years.

    Secondly, dont we have a capable squad to cover this situation. Every European team who play in Europe have this situation.

    Its not the other teams fault and on Monday then moan thats too close to Thursday? If you play in europe on Thursday you play Sunday, simple.

  10. And to go further....

    “We have to get the players recovered as quick as we can because unfortunately the SFA don’t help us in situations like these, they give you the 12:15 kick off which is, crazy. But we have to live with that deal and get on with it.”

    Whats the point of having 2 to each position plus youngsters pushing thru? I have never heard so much crap. Did Walter ever moan of why? Because we are Rangers, we are meant to challenge and be challenged .Get off ur high horses expecting anything, lets do it without any help.

  11. Better results in Europe means Scottish football is a winner. Simple answer is the FA helps its teams to flourish and help the league flourish as a result. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY #ADVERTISEOURGAME

  12. It just goes to show that Scottish football is run by amateurs and biased people.


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