Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Controversial - staggering theory over Ryan Kent and Celtic

Ibrox Noise has never been afraid to express controversial opinions, views and ideas. It’s what makes us stand out – we say what we think, we graciously appreciate praise when we get it right, and we hold our hands up and take it on the chin when we get it wrong.

There are no airs or graces with us.

So with that in mind, the signing of Ryan Kent really has thrown the cat among the pigeons and given us an astonishing theory which 99% of you will scoff at. You may raise an eyebrow. You’ll chuckle. Then some of you, one or two of you, might just think… maybe?

There is no secret Steven Gerrard is a huge fan of Ryan Kent. Probably the biggest. A protégé of Michael Beale at Liverpool, Kent is close to the Rangers management team, and Gerrard is especially a massive fan of his play, his style, and the qualities he brings.

Gerrard made it very clear Ryan Kent was the number one target this summer – his big ambition. He confirmed early on, despite later retractions, redactions and whataboutery, that he would literally leave the door open for the acquisition of Kent till the final seconds of Deadline Day.

He was true to his word.

But did Steven Gerrard do something absolutely extraordinary to achieve it?

Did Steven Gerrard deliberately send out an idiotic formation and wrong selections in order to reduce Rangers’ chances of winning the Old Firm and ‘force’ the board into sanctioning the £7M for Kent?

Ibrox Noise’s Derek has been vocal in pointing out how Kent’s absence this season has led to a much more ponderous pace about the team – that the winger lifted the level of his team mates last campaign and despite our fine start to the season, the energy of the ex-Freiburg man was sorely lacking.

And that was absolutely, 100% in abundance on Sunday.

Gerrard was absolutely desperate to get his man – by putting out that weird, inexplicable and bizarre line up, did he somehow enhance his chances of getting him with such a resultantly poor display?

Now, I know I know – you’re reading thinking Stevie would NEVER do that – he’s our manager and he would never deliberately lose the match. Especially not that match, You’re right, he wouldn’t. But that formation, that system was so inexplicable and the result so painful that it clearly provoked the board into consenting to committing that much on the winger he wanted.

Something doesn’t quite add up, does it. Why change a winning side into a bizarre system that doesn’t even fit the players you’ve selected?

Either way, what is done is done – we did lose the match, and we signed Kent.

If this was all part of a weird masterplan, we are certainly interested in seeing how it unfolds.

Or… he just completely screwed up v Celtic and asked King for the funds for Kent.

Who knows!

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