“An empty jersey – 5” – Rangers player ratings v Livi

“An empty jersey – 5” – Rangers player ratings v Livi

After Rangers scraped their way to an unconvincing 3-1 win over plucky Livi, Ibrox Noise brings you player ratings for a group of players who at least got the three points.


A total spectator in the first half, Livi came to life in the second and he had a few big saves to make. A clean and impressive display where he did what he needed to do. 7


Bright down the right and a little more like his old self but still not as impressive – did ‘score’ the opening goal and got on the ball a tonne (usually does) but can still play way better than this. 6


Got some criticism pre-match that he’s needing dropped, and while he wasn’t horrible today, he continues to struggle to be the kind of defender Rangers need. At one point after pressing on Dykes for 5 seconds, Katic took over and got the ball clear inside a second. That’s the difference. Goldson just doesn’t seem physical or urgent enough. 6


One slightly weak moment which in fairness Goldson bailed HIM out for in the second half, this was an otherwise solid performance again from Katic, even if ultimately he didn’t have a huge amount to do. 7


Rarely lets the side down and this was another example – an industrious display from Halliday, didn’t shirk tackles and worked hard. Unsung hero at times this lad. 7


Just having a bit of a lull in form is Davis – hasn’t been shining lately and this was another quiet display. One or two gorgeous passes yes, but overall not as involved, and not doing as much when he is. 6


Despite his impressive display for Nigeria, he did a Barisic and failed to convert it into a performance at Ibrox. Coming to expect this from him – has a few brief glimpses of quality each match, but never stands out. Looking like a very average player if this continues. And yes, we know we asked for him to be given time, but there’s not even a hint of improvement yet and he still isn’t looking interested. Did flick on well for the third goal though. 6


Suffering a bit of a lull like Davis, Arfield had another quiet performance – he just hasn’t been himself this season, and his slow form cost a penalty too. Probably needs benched now. 5


My this guy really is an average player. Wins a foul or two, but he’s like a cheap and poverty-stricken man’s Arjen Robben with that repeated and predictable cut in from the right and shot with left foot. Did provide an admittedly fine assist for Barker, and it was probably his best moment in the league as a Rangers player. If he’d do more of that we’d rate him way higher, as it is he’s mostly an empty jersey. 5


Lively play from Morelos, fair claim to the MOTM award given him by the sponsors, and he caused a lot of mischief today. Had no football for two weeks so he was raring to go. And took his goal well. 7


Our MOTM, Kent was absolutely fantastic – caused utter havoc for the 43 minutes and looked just like the player we paid £7.5M for. A class above the rest today, but beyond devastated by the injury. 8



Looked slow to get going, understandable given he psychologically did not expect such a big cameo, but looked solid once he did, and tried to cause some damage. And look his goal really well. He’ll be pleased with the impression he made. 6


In fairness to him despite being a DM by trade he appears to being getting played as an AM and he does cause a few problems there. Still can’t really fathom why he’s at Ibrox but hey ho. 6


Not sure he touched the ball in truth. N/A


Steven Gerrard compensated for Ryan Jack’s loss by starting Arfield in his slot – in theory that’s a valid idea, but it required a complete overhaul to the system, and it didn’t get one. Team looked at 6’s and 7’s in this one, and the system didn’t work till deep into the second half and the second goal. Even then the side looked disjointed and passes went astray most of the time. Davis particularly didn’t look up to speed with what was expected of him, and Gerrard’s call to start Kent was badly misguided. Two poor outings from the manager in a row, even though this one yielded a win. 4

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  1. Cut scotty arfield some slack for god's sake here.Of course he hasn't YET hit his form of last season but he's not a robot and i'm positively sure he'll find his best form again in the not too distant future.I believe his mediocre form just now,is mostly down to not having a proper rest after playing with canada in the gold cup.When he came back after canada were knocked out the tournament,he should have been given more of a rest, before doing his pre season work,even though he would have been more weeks on catch up, to the rest of our squad.He's not a bad player because he's not performing to his ability.In fact arfield is a terrific midfielder and will without question regain his very high standard form.

    • I agree, if he's given the chance to recover,I we've got "two players for every position" for a reason, after all. I have this argument frequently with my old man. Football isn't just about being physically fit, it's about being mentally switched on and sometimes in any job if you go and go and go and go and go and go(bored yet?) and go and go, it takes a toll and you don't perform to your best. You can be fit as you like but if you're not sharp enough you'll not perform.

  2. cant arggue with that i.n ,really worried how this is looking ,gerrard needs to completely change things ,were at home aainst a average team ,a bit luck in first half kent could have had couple goals he was superb ,halliday also a threat ,gerrard needs to pick left back for me its halliday, now for the bad ojo, aribo ,offer nothing should be dropped ,looks like we are going with gerrards signings , think we will miss fight of mcrory, docherty, looks like another fallout behind scenes we just dont look up for the fight , w,a,t,p

  3. OJo is way to ball greedy and doesn't look to see if players are in better positions. Arfield, should have known better, but put effort in. Livingston deserved their goal. Wee setback with Kent, I hope.

  4. Really concerned with these latest performances,even tho livi parked the the bus today we looked all over the place when they broke forward and if it wasn't for McGregor we could easily have dropped more points at home once again,from what I have watched in the last few games I honestly can't see this squad of players winning the league,And although this might sound crazy and stupid,but I also believe Gerard is concentrating more on us being in Europe rather than the league which is more important….watp

    • Europe is where he will make his name. I'm not blind to the fact that us for Gerrard is a stepping stone to something else. Eventually Liverpool. No one except us in Scotland cares who wins the SPL. But if we're still in Europe post Christmas folk will pay him attention.

      Saint Brenda left them for Leicester in a heartbeat and I've no doubt Gerrard would do the same to us for EPL mid table mediocrity (or the equivalent in one of Europe's top leagues).

      He'll probably be gone by this time next year no matter what happens. Either he succeeds and a big money club takes him or he fails and we punt him into the long grass. Maybe if he only gets a cup the board will keep him on, but for me PERSONALLY that's not good enough.

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