“£25M” – Rangers star has turned it completely around


Yesterday we discussed Steven Gerrard’s pride at Alfredo Morelos’ recall to the Colombia squad for next month’s international camp.

The fixtures are yet to be confirmed but the Rangers striker is in the 37 initial preliminary group, and has a strong chance of making the final 24 for Carlos Queiroz’ men.

But it’s Morelos’ form (which we’ll discuss later) and attitude this season we’re most proud of here on Ibrox Noise, with the evolution of the striker from flawed and ill-tempered brat who could play a bit into a much calmer, maturer and methodically lethal weapon.

There are claims in the clickbait press that El-Buffalo’s improved discipline is in fact contractual, and is as part of a clause in his last deal which gave him a wage rise and improved terms overall, in exchange for a better performance psychologically on the battlefield and no petulance.

We couldn’t remotely verify these claims, but in fairness his turnaround has been pretty stark.

Yes, he’s still had a couple of moments here and there, but it’s been an 80% improvement on the sheer temper and trouble-making stuff of last season.

And indeed, going from a soor-faced wee brat into a player who genuinely looks happy on the pitch is quite the change – not to mention that hugely-vaunted reaction from the bench to Jermain Defoe’s stunning cameo on Sunday.

Morelos’ acclaim of his fellow number 9 was genuine, and we can’t honestly recall the last time we saw him looking that congratulatory on the pitch at all, certainly never mind the sidelines. It attracted a huge outpouring of affection from supporters, and suggested our Colombian assassin is becoming a true team player both on and off the pitch for this club.

Furthermore, many attribute his vastly improved mental approach and attitude down to his illustrious new partner in crime. While they don’t play together, it’s increasingly the case that Defoe and Morelos are getting very close, and if there’s a better striker for Morelos to learn from we’d love to know his name.

Defoe is a complete, 100% pro with one of the best attitudes in the game, and there’s surely no magic dust here – this veteran striker is evidently helping to coach Morelos, and while Steven Gerrard helped raise his game last season, Defoe is now helping to nurture the man too.

Plus there’s something else – not just the fact Morelos is growing up, not just Defoe’s calming influences, but there’s another reason why Morelos may in fact be improving so much as a man, but we’ll discuss that in a later piece too.

For now, we’re terribly grateful for all the causes which see this lad playing like the £25M striker we believe he can be.

And we’re pretty sure we speak on behalf of all fans over that one.


  1. I truly believe he is becoming a genuinely top class striker. If he continues with the improvements we have seen so far this season, then there must be a real possibility that one of the better EPL teams will come calling.

  2. Saturdays game against Aberdeen will be a big test , they always noise him up and he has taken the bait .Stay on the park and score a couple of goals Alfie .

  3. Got to agree, Defoe's influence on Morelos is huge. I have to admit I was concerned when Defoe signed due to the wages we were going to have to pay but if things keep going the way they are we'll get so much money for Alfie Defoe might end up being our most valuable signing.

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