Monday, 23 September 2019

£1M Rangers man's previously confident words look silly now

When Steven Gerrard announced and confirmed the signature of Matt Polster, while no one really had any criticism of the move, equally no one really knew a lot about the American.

And the £1M-rated former Chicago Fire star’s comments when he first arrived either look now look naïve, foolish or arrogant, as he insisted he’d be taking or at least pushing for captain James Tavernier’s place.

The 26-year old’s last appearance was a pretty awful affair in Fife, and since January has managed just three starts as a Rangers player, which makes his insistence early on that he could challenge Tavernier either misguided or slightly misplaced.

In fairness, he just showed confidence, albeit some might say cockiness, and others may argue he simply hasn’t been given a chance because Tavernier is completely untouchable.

And that is true – the RB is more or less ever-present, not just under Gerrard but since he joined. Even if Rangers secured Kyle Walker we’d be surprised if the English international just walked into the starting XI with Tav around, but nevertheless Polster’s words ring hollow now.

The international just hasn’t had the slightest impact at Ibrox, and for all we talk about squad depth, he’s never being used.

Whether that is ‘correct’ is not for us to judge on this occasion, but at the end of the day, Matt Polster might have wanted to be a little more modest with his wording when he first arrived.

It only looks a bit silly now.

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