Uefa appear to have taken a huge dig at Rangers


We’ll have reaction to the Europa League draw and Rangers’ group soon, but we must begin on a slightly negative note – with the third charge against fans being announced today, Uefa appear so unhappy with our supporters that it apparently bled into the coverage for the group draw.

During the montage for last year’s competition, in which Rangers played a significant part, the Ibrox men were completely whitewashed out of the tournament/video and indeed the governing body appeared to take a bit of a sly dig at Rangers by starting the montage off highlighting Celtic.

These draws always feature unnecessary looks back at the previous season’s highlights to apparently fill time, but not a single second was given to anything Rangers while two or three clips of Celtic’s participation were heavily included.

Bear in mind, Rangers played 8 qualifying matches and 6 group matches, while Celtic played the group plus got knocked out at the round of 32 – and yet nothing of a Rangers persuasion was there.

We don’t truly know if this was deliberate, but given all the stuff with ‘racism’ and our supporters lately, it’s not unlikely.

It does seem extremely petty if it’s the case though, to punish the club as a whole for the actions of a minority of morons who can’t behave.

But if they’d just behave, that would help.


  1. During the draw they also were highly informative by mentioning each teams history in the competition (winners, last time in the final, semi finalists, etc). When Rangers were drawn there was not a single mention of us being in the final in Manchester in 2008, they simply stated the clubs name and what country we come from.

    Nice to know governing bodies and media can remain unbiased. (Pmsl at daily record printing an apology and sacking a freelancer for a false story on a third uefa charge)

  2. The third charge is PR fabrication and fiction (probably circulated by Hollicom). It would serve the useful purpose of deflecting from events in Sweden and creating more hysteria on top of the second UEFA Rangers charge.

    • Was it fabricated? Really?

      Can you also say definitively it wasn't sung last night? Because lsst night I certainly heard something being sung to the tune of "Billy Boys". I was crossing Edmiston outside the main stand a few mins before kick off and I heard it.

      Just because you didn't hear something doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    • Unknown the 3rd charge was supposed to be against Mitjyland and its fabricated by the Daily record.
      Secondly again the Daily Record yesterday interpreted that Uefa had banned the tune Billy Boys and in my opinion that is not the case and intentionally muddled it up.
      Uefa stated any version of the Billy Boys song even non sectarian versions of the song with words Billy Boy in it were banned.
      It was Linfield that stated to their fans not to sing anything to that tune not Uefa.
      The actual is not called the Billy Boys it is called Marching into Georgia and American song, how on earth can you ban a tune. I will give you other words to that tune and you tell me if this is offensive.

      Sing about the Rangers lads we'll sing another song
      Sing it with the spirit that we'll start the world along
      Sing it as we used to sing it 50,000 strong
      While we were marching to Ibrox
      Hurrah! Hurrah! The Bears are the march
      Hurrah! Hurrah! We fly our Union Jacks
      Our Heritage of long ago they will remember still
      To the tune of marching into Georgia
      They Gret and Girned to get this banned
      But the tune they never will
      To enshrine into their brains
      The words we did instill
      Our heritage of long ago
      They will remember still
      To the tune of marching into Georgia

  3. Humza Yousaf of the SNP, is clearly, behind all this. Celtic, are as guilty as Rangers for this, yet they received only an £8000 pound fine, in 2018. Whilst we, are out of pocket to the tune of estimates between 100k to 200k, if Glasgow media sources, are to be believed. A 2nd charge and now, a THIRD, is quite simply, persecution. Humza Yousaf has been in continual contact with UEFA and his secret dossier' which has been categorically proven, has led us to this point. Not to mention, the UEFA 'plants' which will be in every Rangers game, we play in Europe, from now on. Sectarianism was not a problem for over 100 years. Yet in PC Europe, it seems to be the ONLY problem. Both sets of supporters are far less worried about this, than the 'progressive leftists' of the SNP & the green SPFL, SFA + UEFA. UEFA must not be allowed, to cover-up the actions of Yousaf, that has led to this. Of course, this behaviour is wrong, but so is Rangers, being 'fed to the wolves', whilst Celtic escape, scot-free. Humza can deny his part in this issue, all he likes. But the fact is, HE has played a large part in bringing incidents to UEFA's notice. I suppose glorifying the murderous actions of the IRA, is perfectly acceptable. A clear & present bias in punishment, quite simply, cannot be denied. If Yousaf is so innocent, why did he keep a 'secret' dossier on sectarianism and his intention? Finally, sectarianism is NOT 'racism.' Intelligent people in power in these organisations, must surely know this. Yet they are trying to vilify Rangers Fc, on two fronts. One (racism) we are 100% NOT, guilty of. We took our first punishment, on the chin, but a 2nd & now third in a matter of days?? 100% a hatchet job, with the above named orgs, as co-conspirators.

    • The question I have is how can be hit with 1 charge for last week but now we have another charge from a couple of weeks ago, if all takes 5 weeks or so to look at and send notifications then why jump 1 charge then go back to it🤔🤔

  4. Political messages are not allowed in football and FIFA and UEFA are very clear on this – it doesn't have to be racism but they have chosen to label it as that for effect. Celtic should be hammered for the political messages they display on a weekly basis but somehow this does not affect them. They got fined for the Palestinian stunt a few years back yet the Republican stuff goes untouched week in, week out. What is actually going on here? It's all well and good rising above it but questions really need to be asked as this is tantamount to corruption on a grand scale.

  5. Who gives a toss about celtic and what they do or say. We need to rise above it all,they are not worth a mention so why go on about it.
    I.N. obviously did not want to publish my earlier comment. Lets all concentrate on getting our house in order and rid ourselves of the bile of bygone years.

  6. looking back at last night match in Glasgow, had Rangers supporters thrown the flares onto the pitch and got the match stopped, we might be looking at shut the doors!
    I did,t here any mention nor read in today,s papers that the LEGIA WARSAW team will be punished for their action.

    • Bit early but I'm sure they will. If you google ground closures by UEFA then you'll see ground closures are quite common in smaller countries but not so much in the powerhouse footballing nations. Wonder why that is? We ALL know there are huge problems with racism in these countries but they seem to get away with it.

  7. Sectarianism is wrong. Full stop. But roots of sectarianism is in the disgraceful apartheid in Scottish state schools. This was enabled in 1918 to appease Scottish Catholic Church. At time British Government feared Irish problem spreading to Scotland so capitulated to demands. Both Labour and Conservative party bought into this. Recently SNP did same. People who suffered most from this policy were Catholics. Times are a changing but question politicians about their motives. Fortunately religious influence is declining in Scotland. OK I am an atheist but it makes life easier to understand. Most Catholics are decent civilised people. Same cannot be said for some of their leaders. Still much the same for most religions. Rangers are a great football club. Let’s rise above bile.

  8. Uefa the new establishment fannies
    No surrender🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Watp and dont forget it,🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧,ARISE SIR GERRARD👑

  9. We all know that there are undesirable sectarian songs sung by some Rangers supporters, and Rangers are now being penalised because of the supporters who sing these songs. What is happening elsewhere is completely irrelevant, we need to sort ourselves out before we criticise others. "They are doing it too" is no excuse for our own supporters singing sectarian bile.
    We need all our supporters to behave behave like civilised human beings, and the vast majority of our supporters really give the club fantastic support. But we do need to rid ourselves of the small minority who are causing our club and it's reputation harm.

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