Friday, 30 August 2019

Uefa appear to have taken a huge dig at Rangers

We’ll have reaction to the Europa League draw and Rangers’ group soon, but we must begin on a slightly negative note – with the third charge against fans being announced today, Uefa appear so unhappy with our supporters that it apparently bled into the coverage for the group draw.

During the montage for last year’s competition, in which Rangers played a significant part, the Ibrox men were completely whitewashed out of the tournament/video and indeed the governing body appeared to take a bit of a sly dig at Rangers by starting the montage off highlighting Celtic.

These draws always feature unnecessary looks back at the previous season’s highlights to apparently fill time, but not a single second was given to anything Rangers while two or three clips of Celtic’s participation were heavily included.

Bear in mind, Rangers played 8 qualifying matches and 6 group matches, while Celtic played the group plus got knocked out at the round of 32 – and yet nothing of a Rangers persuasion was there.

We don’t truly know if this was deliberate, but given all the stuff with ‘racism’ and our supporters lately, it’s not unlikely.

It does seem extremely petty if it’s the case though, to punish the club as a whole for the actions of a minority of morons who can’t behave.

But if they’d just behave, that would help.

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