Saturday, 3 August 2019

Three-man shocker at Ibrox and an apology

We’d like to think we’re pretty honest on this site. That is, we say what we feel and we say what we hear. We never make things up. We also make honest errors. And one such recently was a technical issue between an article being published and when it was actually compiled.

Due to a schedule mix-up, we recently put out a piece on Rangers’ excellent current injury status, that the removal of Graham Dorrans and Jordan Rossiter had been a huge fillip to the state of the squad.

Unfortunately, only hours earlier, Steven Gerrard had confirmed at his presser there had been a return to Rangers’ dark injury troubles, with both Dorrans and Jamie Murphy back on the treatment table and Steven Davis’ hamstring issue being potentially worse than first feared.

In short, we made a huge error here, and we apologise to anyone utterly misinformed by that mistake.

To clear it up:

Regardless of exact prognosis and recovery estimates, all three of Steven Davis, Graham Dorrans and Jamie Murphy are injured. We did break a story a week or so ago about Murphy being reportedly blighted again, but we couldn’t substantiate it. It seems it had merit.

He and Dorrans, surprise surprise, will definitely miss the trip to Killie’s new pitch, while midfield anchor Davis is a last-minute assessment. But our money is on his absence from the XI.

It’s a pretty depressing state of affairs really – to see Murphy back in injury hell – sure, Stevie says the turnaround isn’t long but then they always say that. Jordan Rossiter will forever be known as “7-10 days”, even if that actually started with John Eustace.

But, regardless, we made a boob here, and we’re honest enough, unlike others, to admit our errors.

Sorry about that.
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