Stevie G has just revealed some fascinating Rangers squad ‘secrets’…


In a revealing interview, Steven Gerrard has given fans a little insight into the ‘secrets’ of the Rangers squad by admitting they bond via squad clubs.

Nothing admittedly new in this happening, but it’s always curious to see what pastimes the squad has away from the sport, and Stevie told us this group of players enjoys cards, coffee and table tennis.

It is crucially important for a squad to get on with each other, and there is an undeniable unity on the pitch, regardless of performance, with these players looking like they genuinely connect on many levels.

The manager said:

“I encourage team-bonding events. I know they have a coffee club, they have a card school and a table tennis group.”

Even though ‘coffee club’ sounds like a middle-aged person’s ‘coffee morning’, it does show how important it is for these guys to relax together in low-stress environments, and how team spirit can only be helped by the fact they have such strong social events.

He went on:

“It is key that they all bond. I came to this place and the stories I heard was that it was them, us, we and you. Success doesn’t come from that. From the top to the bottom of the club it needs to connect. I encourage and like that team to be laughing and joking.”

Obviously there’s a point where the fun stops and the serious work starts, but it’s key that the players both graft fully and relax to similar extents.

Some fans do point at ‘laughing’ photos of training and suggest the players aren’t taking their job seriously and are a ‘disgrace’ to the shirt, but equally light relief at your place of work lifts the mood and makes you more productive.

In terms of man-management, Gerrard does seem to be doing a very good job of things out there.