Saturday, 3 August 2019

Steven Gerrard has made an extraordinary claim which will please Rangers fans

Steven Gerrard yesterday made a very interesting claim with regards star man Alfredo Morelos. A claim which, on the face of it, seems difficult to believe, but the manager appeared adamant.

In simple terms, if Stevie is to be taken at face value, not a single enquiry or interest has been submitted for Alfredo Morelos. At all.

Gerrard went further than our dismissal of the Hebei Fortune story – he didn’t just suggest there had been interest but no bid – no, Stevie claims that not one single club has made even an iota of an enquiry towards our star man, and that all the media outlets and sources are spectacularly wrong.

We don’t know for sure if this includes the multiple reported scoutings at Ibrox by sides like Eintracht and AC Milan, but nevertheless, Gerrard has made the assertion the phone simply hasn’t rung in earnest over any enquiries about Morelos.

Indeed, Stevie G went further – he alluded, in fact, to some serious mischief-making by Morelos’ agent Michael Gorman, suggesting the striker’s representative is creating a complete fiction. Now, he didn’t go to the full extent by suggesting the agent wants to hawk his client off to a rich side in order to get a big fat payday for himself, but that is of course what he is inferring.

Either way, however, Gerrard has now stated that not only have there been absolutely no bids for the 23-year old, but in fact there’s been zero interest at all in him.

This is a very surprising comment, because unless these claims of scouting are wrong, there surely is interest in the player.

Or is there. End of the day, we can do little more than take Gerrard at his word.

And according to him, at present, nobody has made any moves towards Morelos, despite over 10 clubs being attributed with interest.

So, if that’s true, he’s going absolutely nowhere.

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