Steven Gerrard has given deeply worrying hint about Rangers attacker


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has dropped a none-too-subtle hint that Jamie Murphy may not be good enough to be a Rangers player, following his year-long injury absence.

The 29-year old winger, who again wasn’t involved today, has recently returned from that fateful injury picked up at Killie’s old horror pitch, but has found his chances in the first team limited to next-to-nothing, and his manager, who, of course, didn’t sign the former Scotland winger, has let slip that even his pre-injury form might not be good enough for this new Rangers XI.

He said:

“He’s doing everything he can to get back to the level he was before. I think the fascinating thing is; is Jamie Murphy’s level before good enough to fight for a starting spot here? That’s the challenge for Jamie.”

This is an extraordinary admission from Gerrard. Usually in these circumstances the manager will big up the player and say that a fully-fit ‘xxx’ would be an asset to his team, but here Gerrard has dropped a painful blow to Murphy that even his pre-injury level and form might not now be enough to displace SG’s options on the left. And with Jones’ performance against Hibs a glory to behold, and the signing of Man City’s Brandon Barker, we’re not super shocked.

We did suggest in a recent entry that we truly couldn’t imagine what would now happen for Murphy regarding Rangers, and this development has rather confirmed it.

This is frankly good news for Rangers, our fans, and for Steven Gerrard but obviously not for Murphy – the fact is Rangers standards need to keep rising, and even when we think we have the best players, we must always strive for better ones.

And while Murphy impressed on his maiden season at Ibrox, he took much longer last campaign to get up to some speed, before injury took him out entirely.

And now with Jordan Jones and Brandon Barker, to name just two, for the left, the former Motherwell man is going to find shifting anyone out of the way to get back into the XI a huge order.

Now with his manager admitting his best level itself might not even be good enough, it’s both the worst news the attacker could have received, and the best news for Rangers standards.


  1. It's a pity injury has robbed us of 2 fine players in Murphy and Dorrans at a time when we really needed everyone to step up.

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