Steven Gerrard has found a brilliant loophole at Ibrox


On the point of Jordan Jones going from a free signing to potentially being worth millions, this is a tactic we’ve seen repeatedly this summer.

Steven Gerrard has made a concerted point of bringing in young players for peanuts, thanks to ‘using’ various loopholes in the market such as pre-contract and cross-border rules, and then giving them the Rangers platform to hike that value into the multimillions.

Obviously it’s all theoretical, but we know fine well Rangers won’t let their most valuable assets go for modest sums, so let’s have a look at some of the best examples of Rangers’ tactic at work of hoovering up hidden gems and turning them into diamonds.

Joe Aribo:

Not quite exploded onto the Ibrox scene just yet, but getting quietly and efficiently more in tune with the SPL and Rangers per game – Aribo has shown plenty of quality and power, with no lack of pace or workrate, and his priceless ability to steal the ball from opponents shows the £250,000 for him was daylight robbery and he has all the tools to become a £20M player. This kind of player is rare in the game – the big Patrick Vieira or Yaya Toure type who could be classed as a ‘unit’ but plays with grace and class. Gerrard sought to acquire this guy for the pennies he could, and now he’s becoming big millions.

Jordan Jones:

A free transfer, Jones’ start to life at Ibrox has been very impressive indeed. Potentially worth anything up to £15M and beyond, once Jones starts to nail the assists and goals more regularly, this Bosman pre-contract is yet another example of Rangers bringing in Rangers quality without spending megabucks for it.

Glen Kamara:

Practically a free transfer, Glen arrived for around £65K and while his pre-season wasn’t maybe the most impressive, he was more solid in Denmark and we’re sure at his age he is more than capable of getting over a slightly sticky spell. He’s not a perfect player, but he’s a Finnish international and these don’t come cheap at his age with his experience. He’s certainly into the millions, and just like the previous two, he was buttons.

Works in progress?

Jake Hastie:

Ok this one is a stretch, but if Hastie can adjust to life in Govan then his low-cost switch (we never did find out the tribunal’s verdict on a fee, or indeed how the negotiations turned out) could become a bargain. He is a big lad, fairly quick, and energetic. And with time, he would go the same way as the others above. Maybe not into the high millions, but still a hike over what we allegedly paid. But yes, for now, a stretch, and his value is minimal.

Brandon Barker:

Again, we admit we’re slightly clutching at straws on this one, but this is, as usual, a sub-23-year old player brought in for £250,000 under cross-border rules, with a view to engineering him into a player worth millions. He isn’t worth pennies yet, and we’re well aware of this, but if he can retain fitness, get form, and show himself to be a player, that quarter of a million fee will look comical.

Total cost: £750K
Total value/profit: £Many Many millions

Overall, a handy tactic. A handy way to build major assets for very little cost.


  1. I agree with your theory, and would add Edmundson and some of the players in the unders, although we shouldn't count our chickens until they hatch.
    It is also not new. Morelos and Tavernier would turn quite a profit if sold and they both predate SG

  2. Aribo is a great find.

    Jordan Jones is brilliant and the perfect weight for his twinkle toes skills and speed

  3. Was immature tonight but had to go on a Celtic forum for first time in my life they were having a complete meltdown on there , nearly wet myself and had to come off after 2 minutes . Realized I'm better than that , it's all about the Rangers .

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