Steven Gerrard and his own Financial Fair Play at Ibrox

Steven Gerrard and his own Financial Fair Play at Ibrox

In our last entry we discussed the major downsizing in budget over this summer, where the last two saw around £12M each being spent before this summer saw only around £4M.

However, January is an interesting window for Rangers because a certain event takes place on Thursday that can secure the club a guaranteed minimum £3.6M with a good result – if Rangers do overcome Legia, group entry to the Europa League is confirmed, and that ensures a base payout, up front, of just under £4M.

That immediately gives Steven Gerrard £4M to play with in January, assuming revenue elsewhere allowed the club to at least break even, make minimal loss, or even make a profit.

Gerrard, it seems to us, is operating under a mini-FFP rule at Ibrox – the Uefa system designed to ensure big clubs only spend what they make through legitimate club operations, and don’t rely on sugar daddies to bankroll endless spending.

This appears to be similar to the system at Ibrox. Gerrard and his Rangers team earned around £4.8M last season in the Europa League (same base sub-£4M plus two draws and a win in the group), and this seems to be roughly the amount Stevie has spent this summer.

It seems the board are letting the team and manager almost self-fund, by way of club earnings through competition prize money. Which isn’t the most inefficient way to operate, in truth. Literally spend what you make. And of course there was the £2.9M for finishing second last season in the SPL. Which would account for one more reasonably big signing this summer, if it was to surface.

Some reading this probably think ‘what a load of guff’, and fair enough. But it’s surely obvious, even to them, that Dave King and the board haven’t just thrown £10M+ at Stevie and the management this summer. That spending has been more considered.

Well, come January, and we’d reckon any UEL prize money may just help a major chunk of spending and if we don’t get a new £3M striker and/or LB now (if needed), we will come the next window.

Time, as it always does, will tell.

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  1. I'm more than happy with Rangers Squad I would have liked another striker option but I think we have enough as a unit to take on the Rotten Mob who look disjointed and although spending plenty are still carrying dead wood like Ajer Magregor and Forrest . Bring it on . The Board is going a good job , Ashley apart …Let's see how it plays ….

    • "BillB" are you a Tim or a Sheep at the wind up? "Unknown" and "BillB" are just as real as each other in Internet Land.

      3 of most consistent players in the whole league are deadwood? If you'd named Brown or those two diddies they spent £7 mill on I might agree. All I can say is I hope our manager and players are more realistic than you.

      And as for the board… you think we've only spent £4 mill because that's sufficient? Or because we can't afford much more? I'm all for a positive attitude but that's ridiculous.

      The only reason the board look good is because they took a total gamble on Stevie and it paid off. It could have been an utter disaster. They're making it up as they go along.

    • What a load of tosh unknown. Appointing any manager is a gamble but Gerrard was the right man at the right time. He brought us kudos and respect that was badly needed after previous managers. This allowed us to attract better players simply because it was Steven Gerrard. I had no doubt he would turn us around quickly and we are now getting much closer to Rangers of old. Using your argument you can say Morelos would've been a total flop if he hadn't scored 30 goals last season.

  2. The dead wood you mention are the biggest threats to us. You need your head checked if you think any different.

  3. We have enough strikers if there are no suspensions or injuries. But imagine our season if Morelos did his cruciate – no way Defoe can play 60 games, twice a week for 6 months.
    That's why we need a third striker, unless we think Greg Stewart is it:-(
    That apart, I am happy with the squad

    • We would be fecked if that happened. Greg Stewart up from if el buffalo & Defoe out injury we would be gubbed. Although dapo in the youth team looks like a baller. Would rather him up front that Stewart

  4. IN your point doesn't hold up. The year end accounts haven't been published yet. The last accounts showed a £14m loss for the season. Since then we have added big players like Davis and Defoe, not cheap in wages. With the Ashley feck up we can't be making anything from merchandise just now.
    So even if you keep the wages to the same level as the last published accounts, £14m loss add £5m from Europa League would take out losses for last season to £9m in the red.
    I think the reason why only £4m was spent was because it was all we could afford. Which is what we should always be doing.

  5. Thursday is our 4th Europa League tie this season at Ibrox and we must've pulled in around £1m for each in gate money, TV money, advertising etc. If we qualify then we'll be guaranteed at least another 3 home games. Add the prize money along the way and I think you're looking at in excess of £12m for a good Europa League run.

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