Something may have happened at Auchenhowie – and no one noticed….


It is only pre-season but Ibrox Noise is noticing a subtle change in Govan which stems from the departures of Lee Wallace, the axing of Graham Dorrans, and the loan (but effective exit) of Jordan Rossiter to Fleetwood:

Rangers’ injuries have seemingly dramatically reduced.

The only man injured at present is Steven Davis, with just a precautionary issue according to Steven Gerrard.

But with Rangers in recent seasons suffering a blight of injury ranging from the mentioned ones to Niko Kranjcar and Eros Grezda too, there really is a change this pre-season in just how few players have suffered.

Alfredo Morelos did get a minor niggle at the beginning, but overall, that’s already 9 matches this summer since pre-season started and just two players have picked anything up, and in both cases minor.

Even Jamie Murphy appears as fit as a fiddle and ready for a full season, if, that is, he’s part of Stevie’s plans.

The point is the constantly-injureds are now either axed from the squad or outright gone, and that removal of invalids seems to be having a knock-on effect of helping everyone else stay fit.

There’s nothing more discouraging for a fit player than seeing a row of crocks hobbling around – it’s not good psychologically for the healthy players to see that, so by instead having none of them and having the whole squad good as fit, it’s creating a much healthier atmosphere and breeds fitness in itself.

Being unfit can be learned – that negative influence of players who are always on the treatment table filters over to the fit ones and maybe they too get a little niggle here, a little knock there and before we know it they’re out for four weeks.

But this season so far? None of that.

Long may it continue.


  1. Don't jinx the players Ibrox Noise,, I remember your article at the end of last season about being unbeaten after the split, before the Killie game,, what happened?, Killie gubbed us. So sshhhhhhhhhh 🙂

  2. I actually dont know how an Injured player can create a negative atmosphere or lack of 1 create a positive impact on someones psychological or physical fitness… these guys are all team mates and wont have any negative opinions of their mates hanging around.

    • Disagree and IN actually make a good point in this article!! And it is something they they have highlighted that I for one never picked up on!! Good article!!

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