Sneaky Stevie’s silver tongue secures 10th signing…

Sneaky Stevie’s silver tongue secures 10th signing…

On Tuesday, Steven Gerrard confirmed he was entirely happy with the Rangers squad he had built. He confirmed no more business would be happening unless an absolute bargain turned up, or something unique happened or a player left.

He did however admit he was ‘debating’ whether or not he needed another midfielder because he liked two players in each position, only presently having five.

Two days later Leicester City’s Andy King joined on a season-long loan.

Moral of this story: if Steven Gerrard says he’s happy with the squad and no more signings will be made, he probably isn’t being entirely honest!

The reality is a club like Rangers is always on the lookout for new talent, new opportunities, and its work is only ever done once the window closes.

Rangers’ squad is looking in a good place, with defence just starting to click, midfield blessed with a glut of quality and attack scoring and creating.

But Gerrard’s economy with the truth earlier this week shows the manager very much keeps his cards close to his chest – he was entirely aware Andy King was close to a done deal, and the way he insured himself against ‘hypocrisy’ was by suggesting he was debating over a sixth main midfielder to get the numbers where he wants them.

Did Rangers need Andy King – who knows, in truth. Midfield really is chock full of talent, but it was only a season-long loan so it’s a low risk acquisition really.

For his own part King is a 30-year old CM with almost a hundred PL appearances, but he’s spent the majority of his career in the Championship. Famous for winning the title with Leicester, he has 50 caps for Wales and is their highest such, but he has found the recent going tough, falling out of favour at the King Power and not really making a big impact at Derby in the Championship either.

When it comes to midfield, we trust Stevie’s judgement, but we do wonder why we’ve gone for this guy. We’re sure Stevie knows.

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  1. I noticed the Celtic fans and their cheerleader Mr Sutton are not happy about King coming to Rangers…get it right roon yi's
    Wee Brenda will need to get 24 hour security at his home the sinister Celtic fans will be breaking into his home again

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