Thursday, 29 August 2019

Shock Liverpool events - a knock on effect at Ibrox?

With the controversy yesterday over agent Saif Rubie’s comments about Liverpool’s alleged treatment of youth player Bobby Duncan, we can’t help but draw parallels between those allegations and the actions of Rangers target Ryan Kent.

Remember, Kent, on seemingly being told he wasn’t going to leave and rejoin Ibrox, deleted Liverpool from his social media accounts and started posting cryptic digs at them.

Meanwhile, Rubie has made allegations that Liverpool have been bullying this young lad, Duncan, affecting his mental health.

Now, naturally the likes of Jamie Carragher have come out and slaughtered the agent and defended the club with ferocity, and as a Liverpool man and supporter born and bred we completely understand his position.

But for an agent like Rubie, endorsed credibly by both Sky Sports and by his client list (He works for Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney among others), we can’t fathom why he’d take such a position on Duncan if the claims are all untrue.

We must point out – we are accusing Liverpool of nothing, and we know zero of what goes on behind the scenes at Anfield.

But this one really is a bit odd, and Rubie has now deleted his social media accounts following the aggressive backlash on his comments.

The one thing that really stands out is Rubie wouldn’t have made much cash from securing Duncan a loan move to Fiorentina, which was the big deal the kid was apparently hoping for. Only a permanent transfer would clinch the agent a big fat payday, so it doesn’t even look like he’s doing it for self-centred reasons.

Have Liverpool made errors with Duncan, and with Kent? Well, similarly we remain baffled as to manager Jurgen Klopp’s curious handling of the Kent and Harry Wilson situations. Banning Kent from going out on loan but letting Wilson. It seems a bit inconsistent. Add this even stranger little episode into the mix and your guess is as good as ours, folks.

Ultimately, as Ibrox Noise’s Derek pointed out, Kent could be quite a filip back at Ibrox, with the invigoration he would boost us with – and we hope that the situation for young Bobby too gets resolved in a manner than everyone’s happy with.

Stranger and strangerer.

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