Real winner yesterday wasn’t Morelos – Gerrard with decision to make…


So we’re all still high after yesterday’s stunning UEL win and today’s draw which partnered Rangers with some of the cream of Europe in Porto, Young Boys and Feyenoord for six epic glamour ties.

There really is a lot to look forward, and we’ll get on with the Celtic match over the course of tomorrow as well, but something which has been maybe a touch forgotten with the fervour of yesterday’s massive achievement is the man who led to the goal.

And we don’t mean Alfredo Morelos.

A sumptuous piece of wingplay then immaculate delivery from substitute Jordan Jones was the real moment this game was won – of course Morelos’ finish was clinical and his positioning astute, but Jones’ assist was absolutely glorious and yet another nail in the coffin of the Ryan Kent brigade.

Even some of us on here have been singing the virtues of bringing Kent back to re-energise the side and bring the pace back – the main reason, perhaps, for this lack of pace, indeed, is the in-and-out nature of Jones.

The NI international has been stellar since he arrived, making a mockery of claims he has no end product. But he hasn’t really had a stable run in the side yet.

While he has not yet scored, he has given some big assists, and none were bigger than that outstanding cross to feed Morelos.

Make no mistake, he made it a much easier finish for the Colombian than it might have been, taking both defenders completely out and laying it on the hitman’s head.

And this is why Jones has to start on Sunday. He is, without any doubt, our best option on the left – he is a natural left winger even if he’s right footed, and no one in our lineup gives the sheer energy and pace that he does.

He also showed his ability to do it at the top levels by laying Morelos’ winner on a plate for him.

Jones is something special, and we really want to see more of him.


  1. I'm not being funny but one great cross don't make him a superstar. O remain unconvinced by the boy. Yes got bags of pace he's very direct but alot of the time he runs right into a man imo. Think he needs abit more work but defo has potential to be a right good player for us. I think it's obvious the Kent ain't coming in but I would love it if he did as to me Kent is better quality than Jones however if it don't happen between him n ojo I think that will be enough. You can't have to many right good players in you're squad. Main thing for me though is keeping a good of Alfie . If we want to win 55 this season for me it's imperative that we keep the buffalo soldier. Quality strikers can have an off game but suddenly pop up when it matters as wee alfie is a gem.

  2. Ojo played with an injury the other night so I would expect Jones to start instead. Think he might start Defoe for Alfie as well after the last Old firm when Defoe and Arfield linking up together so well.

  3. I'd start with JJ over Ojo on Sunday. They've got a makeshift defence cause of injuries and I'd let JJ run at all day – he's more direct than Ojo for me.

  4. He is still blowing hot and cold. That is OK at Kilmarnock, but gets you benched at Ibrox. Needs to turn it on 4 games out of 5, not 1 in 2

  5. Jones is great at these in-swingers and that is exactly what we'll need. Ojo is still on rookie ticket and this game is far too important NOT to put Jones in, on Sunday. Least that's my view.

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