Rangers with major announcement make huge shakeup of problem area


Ibrox Noise regulars will know we’ve been moaning like angry internet people about Rangers TV’s technical performance for some considerable time.

The farcical problems the service has had in recent years, from crashed-out websites to blur-o’vision really was not acceptable for a modern club the size and grandeur of Rangers.

In short, it was amateur.

And today’s confirmation from the club that the service is getting a major overhaul is welcome relief for long-suffering subscribers who simply haven’t received value for their blue pound at all.

The club today confirmed:

A brand-new mobile app for the TV service to allow watching the live matches on any compatible device.

Chromecast integration meaning more devices (not just mobile) will be able to seamlessly output the content rather than the haphazard methodology at present.

And probably the most significant – the outsourcing of operations to StreamAMG, whose name tells its own story of their competence in these matters. Sunderland already use this company to deal with their digital stream systems and while they’re hardly Man Utd, Rangers’ current in-house operations really haven’t been up to scratch.

This kind of overhaul has been needed for years – and while the rollout is staggered towards the end of the year, it’s hopefully the beginning of the end of the significant technical glitches this service has been beset by since its effective online inception all those years ago.

Yes, for younger viewers, Rangers TV used to be an actual TV station, but then went online-only in 2009 after 5 years of being on your tellybox.

And it’s safe to say the decade of online operations has had its hits and misses.

Hopefully this big change is one of the hits.


  1. I was just commenting this week that I thought the actual content of RTV was improving. The intros, music and overall production seems greatly improved. Really like the utilita add actually, it really ties in well showing the gaffer and a bit of history.