Rangers to fork out six-figure sum for deadline day signing…


Manchester City’s former Hibs loanee Brandon Barker is today putting the finishing touches on his move to Ibrox, having agreed a deadline day deal to return to the SPL.

Ibrox Noise, like many of our peers, famously recall his sterling performance in December 2017 v Rangers as a sub, when he, to put not too fine a point on it, destroyed James Tavernier among others.

At that point Rangers fans, still suffering Aaron Nemane, questioned how Hibs could get a player of this talent while Mark Allen had brought in Nemane by comparison.

But it rather faded for Barker after this. A switch to Preston was modest at best, and unfortunately for the 22-year old he struggled to play many matches that season with just 6 league starts and a pile of sub appearances, plus entire absences. Mostly injury-related.

Now Steven Gerrard is close to finalising the deal – although it’s unclear if it’s a loan or a permanent.

Do we favour this signature?

If it’s loan, no. Simple as that. We’re done borrowing young players who are out of favour at their parent club. Ojo was the final straw on that one. But the word is this is a permanent, so that’s thankfully more preferable.

As for the ability side – he did tear Rangers to pieces at Hibs, with a style similar in fact to Ryan Kent – a low-gravity winger with trickery and pace. And also enjoyed a number of other standout matches too for Neil Lennon’s men. So we’re not 100% against this on that basis.

But there’s the question of wingers – right now Rangers have maybe six wingers on the books. Murphy, Grezda, Middleton, Hastie, Jones and Ojo. Barker makes that seven. How many do we need? We accept that Grezda is for the chop, while Hastie isn’t favoured right now and Middleton is said to be going to Barker’s old stomping ground at Easter Road. But none of these have actually happened yet so the numbers remain around 6 or 7. It’s a bit ‘bulky’.

It does, however, definitely put to bed the Ryan Kent story. Steven Gerrard will still keep that door open but he’s clearly moving on completely and bringing in a left winger to enhance the creativity down that side.

Word is this will also benefit from the classic ‘cross border’ fee issue with sub-23 year old players, so Rangers won’t pay much more than the traditional £250,000 for Barker’s signature.

We’ll dissect this deal more in due course but are you happy with the signing of Brandon Barker?



  1. From all those players mentioned above Jones is only one who u can say has a future at Gers right now- rest are either getting shipped out on loan,sold or in case of Murphy its dubious if SG sees him as part of the journey forward- I welcome this signing as long as it permanent.

  2. This barker boy looks good very fast and direct. If it is a free transfer for a rite good winger. Yes looks like Ryan Kents ship has sales. WATP

  3. Are you sure we are paying a fee??
    All other reports point to it being a free
    as for the others you mentioned Middleton,Murphy & grezda are all yesterdays men

  4. Watched this boy at Preston not played in the right position, but had been injury prone. Big question mark here.

  5. IN I think you have given up too early on Ojo. I remember Barker well as a good player for Hibs so hopefully he can bring something.

  6. More concerned on the goal front,I'm feeling very underwhelmed way direction clubs heading (STANDING STILL) or even backwards,Danni candi? Who made at happen??

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