Rangers to brace themselves for £20M bid for star man?


With the PL and Championship window long-since closed, while interest and speculation over the likes of James Tavernier and Alfredo Morelos has been conspicuous by its absence, it mustn’t be forgotten that certainly in the case of Colombian Morelos, the majority of interest in his services came from the continent, and the European window doesn’t close for another 10 days.

Indeed, while all the UK hype about the likes of Milan, Borussa, Betis and a glut of other European sides has calmed down since the English window shut, Morelos’ current form is sterling and Rangers will be braced, especially for him, for incoming bids.

The 23-year old hitman has improved his attitude greatly, and focused his energy on the football rather than the opponent lately, and even if he is trying to attract ‘big league’ clubs like Eintracht Frankfurt with this, it’s Rangers benefiting from his improved form and conduct.

And that stuff will certainly attract the attention of Europe’s giants who have 10 days to shore up their artilleries, just like Rangers do.

We at Ibrox Noise certainly aren’t as enthusiastic about shipping Morelos off as we once were – his form this season has been far more industrious, his attitude a big improvement and his discipline as good as gold, minor incidents notwithstanding.

But we also know money talks, and with just over a week to go, Morelos’ form will certainly be getting monitored, and potentially big bids being readied for an eleventh-hour assault on Rangers’ resistance to selling him.

In current form, scoring domestically and in Europe Morelos has hiked his value back into the £20M region – his discipline is helping, and he’s growing back into an asset again.

So before September 2nd there is little doubt somebody will bid. Rangers (and Morelos himself) have already rejected bids from the continent and China, when his stock wasn’t quite as high.

Now that he’s ironing out the creases, Rangers will be ready to face any interest before the window shuts.

The question is, will Morelos still be a Ranger come the 3rd?

We shall see.


  1. I was all for selling him after his last red card, that was the final straw for me, at the time. Keep him, we stop 9 at least, buffalos unstoppable atm. These donkeys are linked with Forster and Hooper ffs Ally brought the boys back in the championship, that rodents doing it for 9iar!!!

  2. Would have happily taken 20 million 4 him b4 preseason, but right now he is on fire and I don't think 20 million is enough tbh, we cant replace him in such a short space of time and I really hope we can just get one more season from him we will be seriously weakened without him.

    Gerrard said we will not sell him at end of window I hope he meant it

  3. No. We will take £20m and move on. We must. But with Defoe and Greg Stewart up and Ryan Kent returning( funded by Morelos) we are in a good place. Particularly if we defeat Warsaw.

  4. People who say we should sell him now are mad. How many goals will Greg Stewart score till the end of the season or Ryan Kent for that matter. Between the two about ten.

  5. I have always rated alfredo morelos to the hilt and the only way i was contemplating wanting him sold, was his
    indiscipline, especially after our last old firm game at celtic park.That totally scunnered me that day.However he's absolutely on fire and seems to be maturing,as the penny is dropping at last with alfredo.But money most definitely talks and in scottish football,it would be hard to turn down £20million for him,if a big bid like that came in for him.Then again gerrard did state that there's no way he'd sell morelos,late in the transfer window.
    I honestly think he'll be at rangers until january,at the very least now.We would have hardly any time to sign a replacement this window,if morelos were to be sold now.

  6. I also think we should keep him and hopefully he has calmed his jets.
    If he stays and helps us win 55 he will become a Rangers Immortal

  7. There is no chance that we will sell Morelos, this late on in the window. That would leave us with only Defoe as a reliable goalscorer, and we cant expect him to play every game throughout the season. No time left to negotiate to bring in a good replacement, plus any clubs whose striker we showed interest in will know that they have us over a barrel.
    I do believe that Dave King desperately wants to halt Celtic, and he knows full well that selling Morelos massively reduces our chances of winning the league this season.
    Morelos will be with us until at least January.

  8. Hopefully we can keep hold of him. He and rangers must know that if he is back up to 20mil imagine what he would be worth if keeps his form and we bring home 55. One more year of scoring goals for fun would definitely only increase his value.

  9. No way can we sell him now !
    All this talk about £20M , if he stays for the season and helps us run away with the title and bangs in another 30 plus goals we can then command a fee of £30M plus …goalscorers are a rare commodity

  10. What a difference a month makes. To late to sell him just now. Agree with most comments sell him now you are taking not just a lot of goals but also points away from the team. What's the old saying, points make prizes.

  11. Not sure he is worth 20 just yet tbh. Maybe if he can go a full season without silly bookings then who knows? Also has to be able to do the buisness in Europe as the SPFL is not rated by most other markets.