Thursday, 1 August 2019

"Rangers lied about Morelos bid" - the truth...

With some claims and counter claims about the bid for Alfredo Morelos yesterday from Chinese side Hebei Fortune, we at Ibrox Noise would like to clear one or two things up about the absolutely comical misinformation being spread.

Now, if you believe the paranoid types from the East, especially if you look at one of our earlier entries today, you’ll see lots of mockery about the reporting of a £15M bid from a team who couldn’t possibly have submitted a bid, who Celtic fans know more about than they know about any other football club, bar Rangers of course.

It didn’t happen, they say. It’s all lies and propaganda to deflect from the real story in the courts.

Except, no one actually claimed a bid was received.

Rangers did not reject or accept a bid of £15M, because one didn’t arrive. And guess what – only lazy red-top journalism claims it did.

What really happened was Fortune offered Morelos a lot of cash pw (£200K) and Rangers responded with the asking price for the player. £15M. The information we have is Fortune were prepared to offer that kind of money, but Morelos himself wasn’t interested. For the criticism we do have of his attitude at times, at least he’s not interested in being a mercenary. So, it wasn’t Rangers who rejected ‘a bid’, it was Alfredo himself who rejected the offer as a whole.

In short, no bid was ever submitted, only theorised.

And that’s also why Steven Gerrard officially denied a bid had been received. Because it hadn’t.

And as a result of misinformation, lies and falsehoods have been spread about this story.

We don’t know the inner workings of either Hebei Fortune or the Chinese SuperLeague (unlike Celtic fans, who know everything, of course) but we do know Morelos just wasn’t interested in this offer, even though the money was flabbergasting.

And again, despite our misgivings of some things he’s done, he definitely retains his dignity with some fundamental acts he’s carried out – signing a new deal to ensure a good transfer fee for Rangers, and now rejecting the kind of money which would turn 99% of any players’ his age.

So, ignore the nonsense you’re seeing elsewhere.
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