Rangers finally show dramatic new transfer strategy on deadline day…

Rangers finally show dramatic new transfer strategy on deadline day…

Rangers are today playing some superb hardball over Alfredo Morelos.

Following an offer rejected by the player from China (now reportedly NOT from Hebei Fortune), which would have seen a £10M bid submitted had the Colombian been interested, Rangers chiefs dismissed one slightly higher at around £12M with addons from Championship side West Brom, who are seeking to beat the transfer deadline which closes at 5PM in England.

Stewart Robertson confirmed some months ago that Rangers would expect a similar amount for Morelos as Celtic received for Moussa Dembele, which was of course around £20M, and with Neil Lennon’s men today shipping off Kieran Tierney for £25M, there is no point Rangers selling themselves short with a player of Morelos’ potential stock.

Whether the player is interested or not is another matter – the 23-year old does seek English football, but evidently his preference is the Premier League, and while the Baggies will be a strong promotion contender this season, Morelos may prefer a straight gig into the top flight.

Either way though Rangers are finally starting to act tough on transfers, and after the Daniel Candeias ‘debacle’ of losing a player with decent market value for an underwhelming reported £250K, it seems Steven Gerrard’s statement some months ago for selling players for the ‘new’ prices and not the ‘old’ ones seems finally to be ringing true.

Rangers have a few hours to hold onto Morelos before the English window shuts, but of course it doesn’t apply to the rest of Europe.

We’ll see how it plays out.

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  1. It's about time we started acting tough on transfers

    PS There is picture doing the rounds and true to form of a Celtic fan dressed in an IRA mask holding a knife to Peter Lawwell's neck for selling Tierney…The green brigade should listen to their own advice and educate some of their fans…I doubt it

    • I would like just for once for the source of information for one of these bids to be attributed to someone. The player, their agents, us, the buying club, anyone. Hell I'd settle for a very vague "sources close to the player" even. But nothing. Today the Sun was referring to the Record as the source and the Record was referring to the Sun as the source and then The Scotsman referred to those two as the source. Its fucking clickbait horsehit designed to do nothing more than get us into their sites for the ad revenue, because they know it will draw our interest with 'fredo being our only player with real value. I suspect there have been no bids, let alone any RESPECTABLE bids.

    • Unknown if you think "I am one of them" obviously you don't read these blogs very often hehehe brilliant

    • Fair one, but I'm just wondering what their dickhead antics has to do with what happens to our players during the transfer window.

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