Rangers fans astonishingly vote 50% to 50% over huge club decision…

Rangers fans astonishingly vote 50% to 50% over huge club decision…

After news broke over the past 48 hours that on top of Breda wanting to borrow winger Glenn Middleton, Paul Heckingbottom’s Hibs did too.

Initial reaction was pure brass neck, that after the Scott Allan farce how very dare they think they can do business with us. Especially loaning a prized young asset.

Well, on top of the fact Hibs no longer have the toxic Alan Stubbs or Rod Petrie, is the fact that not only are they under completely new ownership and have a complete neutral in Heckingbottom as manager, but their CE Leann Dempster famously showed real class towards our club in apologising publicly for the actions of morons when James Tavernier was appallingly attacked at Easter Road.

Such building of bridges and showing decency towards Rangers goes a long, long way, and it probably explains the extraordinary result when Ibrox Noise polled our readers asking if they supported or opposed a loan for Middleton to Easter Road.

An astonishing 49% were in favour of such a move, with only 51%, a tiny marginal majority saying they were against it.

In short, the response was effectively split right down the middle. Prior to Dempster’s intervention, Ronald Gordon’s takeover and Heckingbottom’s appointment we imagine the for column would have been massively reduced.

But Hibs just aren’t the same club they were only a year or two ago. Yes, the same fans indeed, but not the same people in charge.

And that mending of bridges by those who are in charge now clearly has helped a number of Rangers fans lose their grudge towards Easter Road.

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  1. Only reason I voted no for him at hibs is Dutch football will develop him better higher standard than Scotland better coaches that's why city use them perfect place for young players to get better

  2. I personally wouldn't give hibs glenn middleton on a season long loan deal.However i do agree with you ibrox noise,that hibs chief executive is class and terrific at her job.I would have wanted her as our CEO.Was told a wee while back now that leeann dempster was a bluenose growing up.I would have her as the rangers CEO, instead of stewart robertson any day,as she's much better at her job than him,
    simple as that.

  3. Think it'll be a great move to Hibs, he will be developed in our own league playing teams we face every week, he won't be able to play against us, so it could help Hibs take points from the likes of Aberdeen and Celtic this season. No brainier in my opinion

    • Agree 100%. If he helps take points off Celtic he can play for any team. We need to loan more out to SPFL teams for the same reason if we can't get them sold…

  4. I think it's a good idea and it will benefit Rangers and get him used to playing the SPFl teams! – I still don't see anything in Ojo that Middleton didn't offer. In fact I seen more in Middletons first few games than I have in Ojo since he came to the club. I'm not suggesting Ojo is a duffer and he will hopefully pick up. Middleton was direct, nicked a goal and constantly caused the problems Ojo is supposed to be causing! Yes his form dropped and then he was just dropped outright, which probably done him or us no favours last term! Wea ll know Gerrard by now. Young English players over young Scottish players everytime. Hopefully this can revive what is ultimately one of Scotlands very best young direct attacking footballers..Reminds me a lot of Frazer at Bournemouth in terms of the trouble he can cause.

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