One man really isn’t popular with Rangers fans…


Yesterday’s piece on Jordan Jones highlighted just what a stunning impact the ex-Killie man has had at Ibrox, and what a brilliant piece of business getting him for nought was.

This really was a shred signing, a wise pre-contract from a player ready for a big club, and Jones has shown in leaps and bounds he’s the part.

Unfortunately, the man who seems to be the first choice right now, simply hasn’t.

While some of Sheyi Ojo’s performances have been undeniably bright, there is a real lack of conviction about this player overall, despite his admittedly solid stats.

Indeed, Ojo has two assists and three goals in the Europa League in seven appearances, while he has one of each in his two SPL outings (both v 10-man Hibs).

And yet, like ourselves, fans at large weren’t convinced on Thursday either – while Ojo by no means disgraced himself, he just didn’t appear coherent with the plan – he lacked certainty, and that word again – conviction. He runs in the right places but doesn’t seem incisive with it.

He wins fouls, which we like, but he appears to struggle to link up.

While the selfishness has reduced from his game, we’re not 100% certain he’s the most impressive team player in the side, and his failure to connect up on any level with James Tavernier on the right led to Steven Gerrard switching him over to the left for both Legia games. And he hasn’t exactly shone there either.

Steven Gerrard knows more than me, you, the entire Ibrox Noise team and the whole fanbase put together.

He’s really earning our trust now, and we entirely defer to his knowledge. So if he says Sheyi Ojo starts, Sheyi Ojo starts, and damn us fools for suggesting the Liverpool loanee might not be the best option.

But we can’t help feeling the winger hasn’t settled, and doesn’t quite fit yet.

Maybe he’ll settle, find his feet, and show us what all the fuss is about.

Or maybe he’ll be another Ejaria after all.

Time will tell!


  1. First of all you better find out what it says on the contract we have with Liverpool. It might state the games he plays in and how many games. Liverpool would not send him hare to sit on the bench

  2. I am not entirely convinced by either Ojo or Jones. They are, of course, quite different types of players, and both of them have had moments of brilliance. But neither are consistent, although in fairness that's not an unusual issue with wide players.

    At this moment in time I would chose Ojo in preference to Jones, simply because Ojo has contributed a few goals whilst Jones has really struggled to put the ball in the net. Jones is better as an impact player coming off the bench, exactly as he did on Thursday.

  3. I remember not thinking much of Kent either early last season, hopefully he kicks on and shows why he's been valued £10+ in the past.

    We don't really have a right winger otherwise now that Candaias is gone, but maybe we don't need a winger given the wing back role Tav plays.

  4. I will stick my neck out here and say I have been more disappointed with Aribo lately than Ojo, at least Ojo brought out a couple of decent saves from their impressive keeper. Aribo has started to go missing for long periods of games, and for a creative attacking midfielder that’s not good. There I said it!

  5. It's a bit too early to say, with Ojo. Barisic was rank rotten, for ages and he is getting a 2nd chance. He is a good player and will develop.

  6. To be fair to Ojo he's better on the right than the left, i was a bit baffled to why Gerrard lined up that way, considering Arfield is arguably better on the left, although if you start Ojo right and Arfield left neither would give any width.

  7. He has been unconvincing , good sometimes and poor others but so was Kent and so is Jones (he was awful against St Mirren ).For a left footer he seems more comfortable on the right and was far better in the second half against Legia at Ibrox when he switched to the right.He has a languid style but it doesn`t mean he`s not interested ,Gerrard said that he played though he was in a bit of pain from a previous injury , he wouldn`t do that if he wasn`t bothered.All players go in and out of form and both he and Aribo are youngsters playing at a higher level of football than they have before .

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