Latest shock developments with Uefa point to Rangers hypocrisy….


As Rangers fans will know, the club has been charged twice by Uefa over racist/sectarian chanting and will suffer a second 3,000 shortage for our next Europa League match at Ibrox, just like last time.

What some fans may less know is Celtic fans last night disgraced the country by fighting riot police in Stockholm – pure carnage.

Yes, once again TGFITW shame Scotland with sub-human behaviour, causing risk to life and limb, and what does Scotland do about it?

Humours Celtic’s claims about it. And news on it isn’t exactly easy to find – you have to actually search for the story explicitly to find it. Meanwhile Rangers’ Uefa charges for singing some naughty songs are emblazoned over the front and back pages the past week or two in a quite different take – can’t move for the story.

And to make matters worse, while Rangers’ board makes no excuses and hammers the section of our fans guilty of this, Celtic spin the line that it was AIK rival fans who ‘infiltrated’ the away support and caused the mayhem. Because this couldn’t possibly be TGFITW.

Celtic can’t even take responsibility for their fans’ shocking behaviour.

It shows a different culture, the admirable ability of Rangers to take responsibility for the issues in our own house, while Celtic deflect, blame and divert because their snowflakes can do no wrong.

Rangers have a bigotry issue – the fans have been singing this piffle for too long and it needs to be cut out. But Celtic taking the high horse is just getting a little tiring given their fans are just as guilty if not more.

By no means are we pointing the finger at Celtic like a three year and saying ‘but they did it too’ – but we would imagine treatment of those guilty really should be even handed whoever they are.

And for the avoidance of doubt, we firmly expect Legia to be charged for that flare incident last night.

But it just doesn’t seem to be the case right now.


  1. We don't want to be associated with the revisionists from the east end, we put our hands up and take the punishment, no excuses, forget about the beasts from the east

  2. Agree 100% but who actually were responsible for getting uefa to proceed with the charges against us was it a delegate from them or was it the notorious Fare organisation who had never made any accusations for misbehaviour against any Scottish teams whilst we were not competing in europe there are rumours that the people in scotland who are responsible for sending these reports have allegiances to a team in Glasgow wonder who it could be

  3. Of course it was the AIK fans, and the police, and probably the ball boys and the tea lady who caused the trouble amongst Celtic fans last night. Everyone knows Celtic have an impeccably behaved away support. So Celtic will of course be understandably indignant at any suggestion that their supporters could possibly be responsible for any wrong doing.

    Quite a contrast in standards of ethics and behaviour from our own management team, who actually think we have some responsibility for the way our supporters behave. I doubt that idea will ever catch on down the east end…

  4. No charge happens the day after an incident ,as witnessed by how long it took them to charge us for the St Josephs game .Lets just wait and see what happens with both Legia and the other mob.Forget what is being said or not said in the media, we all know what is going on at the BBC and the Daily Rhecord , just look at the down playing of the scandal that is going on and not being reported properly.

  5. Youse can slate me, but Humza Yousaf and the SNP, are definitely, partly to blame. I've researched it. He has been telling tales and crying to UEFA for weeks prior to St.Joseph's game. How 'convenient' a Norwegian UEFA official was there and just happened to tune his Norwegian ear, into Rangers supporters singing Billy Boys?? Right!?? Now we're all meant to believe it's just 'random' that they're, all over us. I'm not condoning sectarian bigotry, but not buying, that UEFA just cottoned on to this randomly. It was 'definitely' Humza's pot-stirring. Several Glasgow publications have confirmed he was keep a secret dossier.

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