Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Flabbergasting reveal at Ibrox - this cannot be true, surely?

On top of Kyle Lafferty’s admission that he’ll be back at Ibrox as a fan from now on is an even more curious revelation. That he took a wage cut to come to Rangers.

This story is common knowledge now, having done the rounds the past day or so, but if Lafferty is claiming he took a wage cut to join Rangers, just how much was he on, and what does it say for Rangers’ finances?

Lafferty is a lot of things – daft as a brush, high maintenance, practical joker, morally a little dubious and a tonne of others, but one thing he isn’t is a liar – and for him to say he took a wage cut to go from Hearts to Ibrox is quite a troubling comment to make.

At Hearts he was on a reported £3K a week, and their highest earner at that and at a distance. Hearts’ budget isn’t anything like Rangers is supposed to be. So for him to take a wage CUT is a stunning claim that he was paid less than this.

For Rangers to pursue him all through the summer in one of the most protracted transfers in Rangers’ recent memory and yet all for a salary allegedly less than £3K a week makes us wonder just what the numbers really are for the rest of the squad.

We know Rangers are not ‘poor’ (court and legal issues notwithstanding) but this is a very strange ‘plot development’. Joe Aribo is on an alleged £20K a week, but just how true is that if the marquee signing of last summer, Lafferty, wasn’t even on a 5th of it?

True, Rangers do have more cash now. Last season’s second place finish in the SPL and Europa League heroics brought in millions for this season, but nevertheless even last summer, a sub-£3K wage is quite an extraordinary claim.

Just how much does all this really mean?

Answers on an SAE…

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