Fall from grace for Gerrard signing complete


If ever a Rangers player was reduced to ignominy it’s Eros Grezda. Forced to keep fitness by not even playing with the Development Squad, Grezda is now alongside Graeme Murty’s Colts, purely to keep him from completely seizing up.

We really will never understand what the thinking behind this signing was – an already-injured player who we threw £2M at Osijek for, ergo no medical, and a return of zero on that outlay.

And while Steven Gerrard does praise his character, he came close to acknowledging his own error in signing him by admitting the SPL and Rangers were not for the Albanian.

Of course, that’s not Stevie’s fault – you cannot predict with certainty the likelihood of a player’s success at a new club. It’s a complete random, and the SPL is absolutely not for all players. Far from it.

But we really cannot look past the notion of signing a crock – a player who was out of commission when we paid for him – what on earth was the thinking behind that.

And now he’s being humiliated with the kids. We don’t mean that as brutally as it sounds – Gerrard’s not deliberately trying to hurt Grezda, but the lad is beyond surplus and needs minutes, so there’s no other option aside the RDC. And plus to sell him he needs to be fit. Which, ironically, is advice and diligence whoever sanctioned this signing failed to heed.

We know we sound scathing of this whole thing – we don’t mean to be utterly scalding – Grezda seems an affable enough guy and Gerrard hasn’t been harsh on him in a personality sense.

But his relegation to the Colts with the teens is the nightmare no senior pro wants, and we do feel a touch of sympathy for him.

This whole thing should never have happened, and we’re glad lessons have been learned and no one remotely injured is coming to Govan.


  1. Utter waste of money and time. No significant return on any of the exiting players other than saving the wage bill. Got to question our scouts on this!!!
    I keep on saying, the SPFL is a different beast altogether, instead of buying namby pampy tippity tappity players, we need strong, direct, skilful players who can stand up and dictate the bullies in our league. Opposition teams still do not fear us and always feel they can beat us. We strike fear into no one due to our predicable tactics and mediocre inconsistent players.
    This summer window has been unsuccessful as far as I'm concerned. If Gerrard cannot see he needs a powerful striker, then he should walk for being so bloody blind.
    Judging by our play thus far, I fear we will be fighting for second,,,AGAIN!!!
    Early days, yes, but I said this last season, and I was right then!!!
    Bar the winning goal against Killie, we were absolutely clueless on how to get behind the parked buses. It appears the opposition are up for a fight, when we seem to hide from it! It's down to the scouts. It's no wonder we don't cash in on mediocre players!!

    • Yes Al, I love El Buffalo and delighted he is staying. But he is 3ft 4 and they are throwing in high balls to him constantly, why?! I would love a Hately, Prso, Derek Johnstone, type of player. A player who can header a ball and strike fear into the defenders. We do put a lot cross balls into the box, but 9 times out of 10, there is not a Rangers player to be seen to bury it!
      Lets face it, without Morelos, we do not have a class striker to replace him if he gets injured! Defoe or Greg Stewart are just not good enough for me!

  2. His pal Borna better get his act together or he will also be demoted to the kids team. A couple a chancers!

  3. The great Sir Alex Ferguson didn't get all his transfers absolutely correct it happens in every team

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