Dutch giants have just demonstrated the “Gerrard Effect”…


Within seconds of the Europa League group draw being made, the Steven Gerrard Effect was in full flow as Feyenoord, our first opponents next month, proudly tweeted plugging him and Rangers and boasting of his appearance in their shirt.

It’s just the latest incident of how big Gerrard is, how big a coup it actually was to get him to Ibrox, and how big the Rangers family really is when we see Dutch giants of the size of the Rotterdam side eager to curry favour with the England legend and our club in general. And of course the relationship with Stevie’s ex-team mate Dirk Kuyt helps too…

It makes quite a difference from the negative press we’ve been seeing in Scotland lately over the singing nonsense, and it’s refreshing to see our friends in the Netherlands remembering the good relationship we have with all things Oranje and we will indeed look forward to playing them very soon indeed.


  1. We are much more popular outside this country than in it, sad but true.
    "The prophet is without honour in his own land"

  2. Everyone hates us in Scotland, it used to wind me up and make me angry but I just smile now , if we weren't good and were insignificant, people wouldnt go out of their way to mock and slander our club .A certain newspaper seems to constantly light the touch paper concerning our club but never apologise when they've got it wrong but 50% of the time it's made up by them anyway to sell their cheap rags . It just brings our fans closer together but small minds dont think , WATP .

  3. Nice post Robrob57 , I dont think you can say Orange at the football anymore and if you are seen eating one we could get another sanction. If we change words to our songs , we will get fined still as the music is still sectarian???? So dont eat an orange at a Rangers match , not worth the risk , lol . It's got stupid now , UEFA and the SFA would suck the colours out of a rainbow .

  4. Probably be all over the papers tomorrow that Gerrard is a Feyenoord fan and hes got to go as it's a conflict of interest, any lame attempt to sink the ship , Haha even our papers wouldnt go that low but nothing surprises me anymore .

  5. Our supporters criminalised and treated like scum. Whilst rioting Celtic fans in Europe…'we'll just choose to sweep that right under the carpet.' ?? Our travelling support is well known to be hospitable. It's a total, hatchet-job.

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