Controversy again over major Rangers man announcement


It has been confirmed that in-form Ryan Jack got a call-up to Steve Clarke’s Scotland squad, announced this afternoon.

Whatever you think of this, it only goes to show a number of comical conclusions which highlight this country’s obsession over Rangers, both positively and negatively.

To sum up, as usual, non-Rangers fans are melting down over a Rangers player in the squad, with the reasons ranging from his ‘lack of ability’ to the fact fans know he’ll be booed by the wonderful Scottish support.

But the reaction is also divided within Rangers’ own ranks – some are content to see Rangers players plying their trade for their country again, while others despise Scotland and don’t want to see the booing, or indeed have their player injured.

Wherever you stand, nevertheless, the reaction to his inclusion is the ‘talking point’. That once again a Rangers player’s inclusion in the NT drives this level of discussion shows just how obsessed this country is with everything to do with our club.

Does he ‘deserve’ his call up? Of course he does – he’s Rangers’ most consistent midfielder right now, and has been absolutely outstanding this past month or so. That there’s even a question over that is just absurdity at its finest.

And how do we feel at Ibrox Noise at his inclusion? Well, with the toxicity of this national regime these days, and our dislike over Steve Clarke (more on that later), we have slightly mixed emotions.

We will never stop wanting Rangers players to play for Scotland. No matter what happens, we are a Scottish team, in Scotland, and regardless of the events of the past 11+ years, seeing Rangers players in the Scottish squad is the way it should be.

But of course times have changed so dramatically the past decade, and the climate accordingly, that it’s hard to have any enthusiasm for an NT and support that so actively hate all things Ibrox.

End of the day, if he plays, he’ll do himself and his country proud – but let’s hope it’s not at RB again…

Incidentally, only 3 selectable Celtic players got chosen – all are likely to play, of course, but the fact only 3 are there gives some indication that neither Rangers or Celtic are doing enough to bring through top Scottish players any more.


  1. Jack should have knocked the scumbag back.
    He should have stated 'bye-bye'Stevie, I hope you are recovering well from your Humour By-Pass

  2. Bbc Scotland teletext naismith and snodgrass return to Scottish squad and places for other players etc etc no Leigh Griffiths not one mention of Ryan Jack returning to the squad another instance of BBC Scotlands policy regards our club I would prefer that none of our players ever play for that lot, more so when they are discriminated by the so called tartan army