Sunday, 18 August 2019

Betfred farce as draw hosting venue is revealed....

To add further hilarity and insult to the shambles that is the Scottish game, today’s league cup draw for the Betfred cup following the match at Bayview will be taking place… in a garage across the road from the stadium.

Yes, it sounds absurd, but we can (comically) ‘exclusively reveal’ an MOT station across the road from the ground will host the SPFL’s finest as the next round’s ties are revealed for the watching world.

It’s just yet more comedy in the insult to global football that is the Scottish game, to see the league cup, a premier cup competition, being drawn in what is barely an upgrade from the backend of a lorry.

So when you watch the draw after the match, folks, remember just out of view from the suits and mics is a pile of Ladas, Escorts, and a few cans of WD40.

Nothing quite like professionalism, is there?


  1. To top it off i hear Boris is calling the draw??

  2. Another biscuit tin venue from the establishment

  3. I hope nobody throws a spanner in the works

  4. Hope whoever's is doing the draw is on the ball and not too tyred and exhausted


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