An Ibrox Noise statement


What we wanted to be talking about in this article was our excitement, nerves, anticipation and emotional rollercoaster this week of first tonight’s colossal second leg v Legia, then Sunday’s mammoth Old Firm opener.

Instead, another charge from Uefa for the same act as the first time, this time in Warsaw, has dominated the headlines and completely overshadowed preparation.

Now, we must admit, if this was a charge by the Scottish FA, we’d be feeling a little hard-done by. After all, they’re incompetent and appear inconsistent at best with how they govern the game. They also have a tonne of baggage when it comes to Rangers.

But Uefa? They don’t give a t*ss about us, Celtic, or indeed the majority of European clubs who aren’t Barca, PSG, Real Madrid or Liverpool.

So for them to confirm ‘racism’ in Poland (mainly because they don’t exactly cater specifically for sectarianism and bigotry it seems) and administer yet another charge is quite simply the fault of a portion of our fans who are bringing the club into disrepute.

In short, we don’t have a leg to stand on, and the club, rightly, offers no defence and full castigation of those guilty of hurting the best interests of the many and of the club.

Stadium closures, as in full stadium closures, are not far around the corner. This wanton reckless conduct, this selfish conduct, is now absolutely killing Rangers as a club – think about all the lost revenue a closed-door Ibrox will miss out on. A gate receipt, roughly, of £2M per every home Europa League fixture – gone, because some stupid wee idiots couldn’t help glorifying the colour orange or regaling about historic conflicts and violence.

Personally, we don’t care much for, or about, these songs. More to worry about than that.

But Uefa have made it clear, and are carrying out charges now, and once again the club, the majority of the decent support, and the coffers are being hurt by their mindless actions.

Rangers’ statements couldn’t have been more clear, or condemning, and as much as we often have an axe to grind about some of the actions our club carries out, we have no objection to its response to this disgrace.

We must also admit something – by the sounds of these chants, it’s a lot more than a minority. We’ve heard stadium-full chanting to this measure, be it at Ibrox or away matches – while not the majority, it’s certainly a lot more than one in a thousand, or even one in a hundred.

Self-policing from others is the only way to go – and introspection from those guilty – yes, these tunes might bring your passion out, and feel good, but all they do is hurt the club you’re feeling good about.

And that’s not good for any one.

Enough already.


  1. Great statement Ibrox Noise, great statement! 100% agree. The minority need to stop hurting our team and us supporters.

  2. Given some of the clickbait that usually appears on IN, I wasn't expecting much from this statement. I'm glad to be proven wrong though – nicely worded article. Fully agree as well that the only thing that matters is the club. I've been guilty of singing songs or whatever in the past, but I think we need to move on. We're only now starting to get back on our feet and perform at the level that we, as Rangers supporters, expect. We shouldn't throw all that away for some daft songs.

  3. Good statement but ifearit will fall on deaf ears,don't get me wrong I have sang these songs like a lit of the support. But ever since we started signing player like Big Lorenzo it was an insult to him and the rest of the lads we signed,and that was the last I sung these songs it is not hard it's easy so fingers crossed they get the message.

  4. We need to police this before UEFA do. No more away tickets until we can work out how to police those attending. The fact that this would financially damage clubs who hate us is unfortunate but can't be helped!
    At Ibrox, use spotters, cameras and directional mikes. First offence loss of season ticket and 2 year match ban home and away. Second offence, life ban.

  5. Well said but we must rise above the ignorants. A bit of education might help. “ King Billy slew the Fenian crew at the Battle of Boyne water” The Battle of the Boyne was certainly an important battle in European history, it took place in 1690. The Fenians were a group founded in the 1850s in America to help poor Catholics escaping the famine. The name Auld Firm came into being around 1924. A journalist alleged that Rangers and Celtic conspired to have religion assigned to both clubs. Helped attendances. This is 2019. Most people in Scotland now are irreligious and attendance in all churches is in decline. We are a football club. Forget religion.

  6. I have repeatedly spoken out against the morons who engage in hate filled racist behaviour- they shame every decent rangers fan. Wish I could say the same about many fan groups and websites.

    Let's be honest here, these people are not rangers fans, they are bitter hate filled losers looking to blame others for their own failings.

    For too long people have stayed silent, made excuses, abused those who speak out or questioned their loyalty to the club – how exactly is singing songs that threaten the club's future being a rangers fan? It isn't.

    I'm glad club has finally spoken out loudly and clearly against these fools. Question is will these fools listen to the club – I fear not, in fact I fear that they will sing even louder and add in chants directed at UEFA. Hope I'm wrong. Consequences are getting serious as ground closure, expulsion from European competition and severe financial consequences could follow.

    Let's also be clear, this is not just a rangers problem and bitter childish fans from other clubs need not act like they don't have similar problems. However that is not a reason not to get our own act together.

    • Excellent input E Chef I have often disagreed with you on this forum especially regarding the board actions etc , but on this your are spot on well done GSQ WATP

  7. We should stop singing the songs but everybody on there high horse saying they've never sung some of the songs r full of bs

  8. Never stop it,always has been always will be end of


  9. The last thing this club needs is financial penalties, Rangers FC are just starting to recover from the disastrous past and we do not need this shit getting piled on top of us. If you are one of those so called supporters singing these songs then please come on here and tell us why you do so, tell us why it has anything to do with football and this famous club, or is it your intention just to ruin something so beautiful

  10. I fear too many are going to be defiant , at least going by comments on twitter it feels that way. Also the problem with this is non season ticket holders attending, about 50-40% of folk around me change for the Euro games, with season ticket holders not going, we have to deal with folk who make a night of it, get hammered and potentially only go to one or two games this year,
    how do we deter/punish these guys? as long as there's not full sections singing it should be less obvious/audible

    • Gav E, see my post above. Bans, pure and simple. No more away tickets, cameras and an anonymous hotline to identify seat numbers at Ibrox. 2 yr ban for first offence, life ban for second offence

  11. Everyone singing from the same hymn sheet here! We all see that its wrong, dated and needs to stop. The problem I see is that nobody is suggesting a solution. The club, or the fan clubs or someone with influence needs to set an action plan for change, otherwise us simple minded fans of the club will fall back into our old routines.

  12. I've sung the songs,I don't remember anyone dying from me doing so ,but now theres too many snow flakes in the world and we have to conform like it or not ,as long as it works both ways

  13. Not only do we need to ditch the sectarian singing, we need to ditch everything political from our club including the Unionist stuff – FIFA and UEFA are pretty clear that politics has no place in football ( – the Union Bears need to change their name, all the God Save the Queen stuff, the Ulster flags and scarves – everything that has any political connotation needs removed from our club. We need to rise above this – come out stronger with a more community driven feel to our club for the 21st century. But we must be playing on the same playing field – any reference to paramilitary groups should be hammered on both side of the city, the "not sectarian, political" argument no longer washes, nor should it.

    • Blue, can't remember the last time I was in church other than a wedding or funeral. Do you go every week? I don't think may Rangers fans do.

    • I think you need to separate the Unionist stuff from the Ulster stuff. I see no reason to sing about whatever my father was wearing and whether I should surrender but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a British and part of the Union and giving support to the head of our nation. Clubs in other countries can be fiercely patriotic about their country, why can't we.

  14. Great article I.N. It's fair to say that I am one of this sites biggest critics on some issues but kudos for this article.
    Like many replies I have been guilty of "the 90 minute bigotry" in the past and felt that because I was surrounded by like minded people that it was acceptable but in the 21st century this behaviour is non acceptable on any level ( Wonder what they would call the dog if they made a remake of the Dambusters film?) What was accepted years ago is now a jailable offence.
    If we as Rangers fans want our club to grow and be shining examples on/off the park as is the Rangers way throughout history we must stop this behaviour and be brave enough to self-police and rid the club of this image of hatred once and for all.
    There is a lot of "Whataboutery" on various social media platforms but we must look after our own institution first.
    We are an all inclusive club and family regardless of race/religion/creed and the club are working tirelessly on and off the field to promote our image.
    We as fans have a huge role to play so let's sing our songs loud and proud, we have many that are non racist/bigoted.
    We are all family members in this together and we are all affected by decisions made against our club so "Let's Go" and prove to the world what being part of this fantastic institution is all about and do things the "Rangers Way" as laid down by the 4 lads who had a DREAM!!!

  15. Benidorm, can you clarify? Are you saying these songs have always been sung and always will be sung? Including the Billy Boys named after Billy Fullerton from the 1920s, 1930, some decades after Rangers were formed?
    Because if you are, end of is end of Rangers. Adapt or die. Dinosaurs couldn't adapt, they died. Have you learned to use the bank machines, mobiles and internet? All of these arrived long after the songs.
    I have sung them all. But now, that would damage the club I love, so i don't. If you are supporting the singing of songs which damage the club I love, we part ways. I suggest you go form another club, or stay away from Ibrox and Rangers away games – you are no longer wanted there.

  16. Well said to all those who admit to singing these songs but who saw that it was damaging to our club. Those are the sensible ones. However, on the evidence of tonight unfortunately there were still some around me who are not so sensible and seem incapable of understanding the importance of this issue. I fear stadium bans will be part of our future.

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