2x 10/10s? Really? Match ratings as Rangers humiliate Hibs


As Rangers make it 8 goals in two matches, Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for the movers and shakers who shoved 6 past Paul Heckingbottom’s men. Please note, if you disagree with any of the scores, and wish to send us abuse as a result, consider yourselves off our xmas card list.


Another quiet SPL match for McGregor – assured with his kicking again and handy with the ball at his feet, but not really drawn into any major saves in this one. Had no chance with the goal but we wouldn’t have put it past him to stop it. 6


Threw enough good crosses into the box to make Jesus baulk, but the attacking line didn’t seem quite on the same wavelength – in fairness Morelos would have got on the end of more than Defoe could. Defended well, supported on the right giving his typical balance, and put overall a better shift in that he did v Killie. 7


Another composed ‘tidy-up’ performance from Goldson, who will never be the physical defender Katic is, but whose use of the ball has got better this season (his early through ball for Defoe was beautiful) and whose calm in our box is welcome. Definitely benefiting from the competition. 8


Such a different defender to his partner, Katic just keeps on being physical, rough and ready and dominant – completely wears his heart on his sleeve, and keeps putting in a shift to prove his worth. Our only concern remains his partnership with Goldson isn’t quite on the money yet – 3 goals conceded in two matches with quite a few defensive lapses isn’t ideal. But we don’t blame one individual for this. 8


One little lapse was his only crime count, and he took Thursday’s performance and rose further with it. He’s making a serious shout for the LB shirt permanently, even though he is right-footed. Good balance, good attacking support and defending was (mostly) on the money. 8


Pulled enough strings to make an army of puppets dance, this was Davis showing Scott Allan what he probably will never be. His technical quality and quick mind were both in utter abundance today. The NI international played his best match this season, and his assist for Defoe was top-drawer. Right back in form. 9


Wow, Ryan Jack is nailing his form at an excellent time, and he really was everywhere today. Good in every area of the pitch, and makes himself available for every team mate. He’s such an under-appreciated player, and all the midfield competition has made him raise his game. He’ll be delighted with how he played. 9


Definitely a quieter player than his two colleagues at the moment, Aribo still produced enough quality in midfield to show the kind of composure he has, and his dribble and containment in the box before shooting was absolutely wonderful – pity he put it wide. He also retained and used the ball well and continued to steal it from opponents. A better performance than his display at Killie, Aribo looks like he’s adjusting to the SPL at a steady rate and in our defence we expected this. 7


No team can handle his cutting in from the right and shoot with the left, and it’s so darn effective. He uses it as often as Robben used to, and otherwise he showed progression with his development – less selfish, winning fouls, and being more effective. This was a good display from Ojo, and it also gave Scott Arfield a desperately-needed break. 8


If he’d scored or got an assist, this would have been a perfect performance from the summer signing. He’s destroying teams, but then anyone surprised by this clearly didn’t read Ibrox Noise in the summer… having a great time, tore the backside out of Whittaker and he’s every inch ours. And to think some mocked our assertion this lad could be a £15M player. Ryan who? 9


There’s no more we can ask from Defoe than the hat trick he scored today. His movement is stunning, his finishing generally clinical and he looks like he’s getting a whole new lease of life in his ‘old age’. This is why, despite his brace, Alfredo Morelos is not guaranteed to start any more. But then, what doubt was there about this following Defoe’ brilliant split form last season? 10



Well, what else can Morelos do other than own the pitch alone by scoring two amazing solo goals on late as a sub? This really was a hell of a cameo, and he loves proving Stevie wrong when he drops him. 10


Stevie sprung a surprise with the selection of Defoe, which threw Heckingbottom’s selection of McGregor off (nice touch there from the boss), but the 4 goals the team scored with him in the team put those fears (not from us, in fairness) to rest. Yes, there was a bit of a wobble following Hibs’ goal, and they did come back into it till the third goal, but the manager will be thrilled with how his side handled this one – yes, Hibs were also down to 10 men in the second half, but let’s not use that as a condition or an excuse. Celtic would ruthlessly slaughter a side down to 10 men at Parkhead too. That’s what we need to do. Killie was a bit unconvincing, but this wasn’t. Even in the first half, goal aside, Rangers were excellent. They just lacked a bit of killer edge. The second half put that one to bed. We’re happy with what we saw. And it gave the GD a hell of a boost. 9


  1. Generally agree with ratings however as you alluded to Hibs were a threat at 2-1 and it was only after they went down to ten & crumbled that we took total control. Overall excellent performance from team.

  2. The only thing I wouldn't agree with is Flanagans attacking. He made about three overlapping runs without the ball, very rarely moved forward with it, looking for Katic far too often, Shagger was screaming at him to move forward for most of the 2nd half. I think if Defoe didn't get his hat trick (should have had 2!) Jack would've got MOTM. The wee man was outstanding, won everything in front of defence leaving Katic and Goldson to deal with a few headers. Two bogey teams dealt with, dispatch the sheep n 55s coming😁

  3. Personally, i would have given Aribo an 8, but small margins.
    I am surprised at Jones, he has stepped up faster and more than I thought he would, but very happy to see it.
    The depth we have now is scary. Only 2 games into the season and we have already won more games against Hibs and Killie than we managed in 8 attempts last season. We only score 3 goals against Hibs last season , we now have 6.
    I have a good feeling about this season

    • I've said on here before I thought Jones may not be able to match Kent at his best but could maybe produce a wee bit less much more often. That's looking likely at the moment and with Separate Entity game coming up he will have a chance to reach Kent at his best. Would you rule it out?

  4. A lot of terrific performances against the hibs today i thought.What i will say is that if defoe hadn't scored a hat-trick,then for me ryan jack would have deservedly been my man of the match.He doesn't get the credit he deserves at times, especially with his midfield performances since steven gerrard became our manager.It was an absolute midfield masterclass from jacko against hibs today.He covered every blade of grass and never wasted a ball,all afternoon, driving the team on.Like i've said before jacko is a future rangers captain and should be playing for his country.There's not a better midfielder in scotland,in ryan jack's position at this moment in time.

  5. 7 for Aribo?
    He drives us up the park 15 yards with a goal threat to boot.
    Flanagan a 8 good God I'll get ma jacket*

  6. Totally agree with full assessment except I think in fact I know we would have have slaughtered hibs with 11 strong everywhere. Really impressed so early in season. Manager seems to know how to break down the bus parkers now

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