Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The 'truth' about the pursuit of Ryan Kent...

We don’t often get it wildly wrong here on Ibrox Noise, but it appears, going by recent events, that we misjudged the Ryan Kent situation.

Previously we argued Rangers were a low priority for him, that returning to Ibrox on loan was absolutely not his preference.

That if he in fact wanted that course of action, he’d have had it sorted by now.

Well, his Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s announcement that he was done with loan deals for the boy suggests, shock horror, this was wrong.

That while Kent was given the opportunity to impress in the USA, he already knew loan deals were off the table, and he was either playing for a Liverpool spot, or hoping a suitor would come in and pay the asking price for him.

Neither is going to happen immediately, and he’s now stuck. We can’t say he ‘clearly’ wants to return to Ibrox, because we don’t know, but evidently the option to come back on loan was removed from his choices, and unless Rangers, or anyone else, stumps up what Liverpool want, he’s now consigned to their unders.

But, either way it seems we were wrong to judge him so harshly – but then, we don’t have any sources at Liverpool telling us the inside scoop on what’s really happening, so it was only supposition on our part.

This saga is set to rumble rumble on…

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  1. I'd say dump this story until our club has something official to say. Kent is a Liverpool player, so leave it at that.
    Gerrard should be thinking about a quality striker. It is very clear that not scoring while having all the possession is still a big problem for our team as it did last season!


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