Sudden Rangers shock isn’t a shock at all – reports


With today’s breaking story that Portuguese winger Daniel Candeias is within touching distance of a move to Turkey, the only surprise is that it would be a surprise to anyone.

While few admitted he was likely to leave, Daniel Candeias has not been a Steven Gerrard favourite by a long shot. And his axe from the UEL squad, as we suggested, was simply a sign Gerrard doesn’t fancy him.

You do NOT sign a pile of wingers if you’re happy with any of those you currently have, and Stevie clearly wasn’t happy with the Murphies, Candeiases, Middletons and Grezdas that he could ‘boast’ of, and made wings a priority from the word go.

Bringing in Jones, Kent, Hastie, Ojo, and even shifting Scott Arfield out wide into Candeias’ position was the death knell for the Pedro signing, and the final nail was in the coffin when he was excluded from the squad to face St Joseph’s. A squad, we hasten to add, which included Scott Arfield who couldn’t even travel to Gibraltar, and Andy Firth, who was completely redundant.

No, this is no shock at all, and Candeias, for right or wrong, is a victim of Stevie’s ruthless overhaul of the club.

If his staggering performance against Marseille couldn’t persuade Gerrard to like and keep Candy, nothing will.

We only hope we can get good money for the guy.


  1. Torn in two if he goes. Sometimes he can produce the goods, then sometimes he is absolute gash. But I can say that for the rest of the team last season.
    I won't be broken hearted if he goes, but I still think we could use him, especially in European games.
    Good luck to the man if he does go, I never doubted his commitment to the shirt.

  2. Will never forget the goal he made for Morelos in Europe last season. Route 1, chased his own kick, tackled the defender and with his back to goal laid it off for Alfredo. Awesome.

    • Probably the moment of the season. But somehow just never truly a favourite player of either the manager or the fans, in truth.

    • 1690% in agreement. Including 1972 that's up ^ with the classic European assists of all RFC time.
      🍬 ass HAS been a favourite of mine and when Grezda, Murphy, Dorrans, Herrera, still pick up a valuable wage it gets on my (°)(°)s

  3. The backflick for Alfredo in Europe was enough for me to say, Gerarrd to lose Candyass, And possibly Glen Middleton tells me that he isn't willing to give the current squad a chance. Booo

    • Again Glen is EVERY BIT as good as Kent. Plus paid for. Guys THIS IS THE SEASON WE MUST GET IT RIGHT.

      Even OJO, why are we having such as him replace OTHERS who have shown potential. STILL say Docherty makes Rossitter look a total imposter and McPake and McCrorie show Murphy and Dorrans as Greece's and Mortimer

  4. I heard the price for home is only £800,000. For that I think we would be better off keeping him

  5. Always gives his all and is underrated having played some great games for us and created a fair amount of goals over his time at Ibrox .We don`t know yet whether Ojo , Hastie and Jones are going to deliver consistently either so its a risk for me to let the wee man go. There are players in the squad I would be getting rid of before him , Flanagan , Halliday , Alnwick , Dorrans and the wasters Lafferty & Grezda come to mind so if he goes it will certainly be with my best wishes.

  6. Candellias has been a bit part player with frustrating and disappointing delivery . Happy to see him go for whatever fee . Wish him good luck

  7. If he's wanted in Turkey then let's hope we get decent money for him. If it's £800,000 as suggested then that pays for Edmundson with decent change. I'll take that. But good luck to Candeias.

  8. Ffs i must be watching a dif game from you tav and candie have been outstanding the gaffer will sign competition players for each position, we won nothing last year cause we had no depth for all positions

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