Steven Gerrard’s latest admission is a strange one


Steven Gerrard’s admission yesterday that Rangers will be seeking to replace outgone winger Daniel Candeias strikes us as a very strange comment indeed.

Gerrard has, of course, been very vocal about needing to trim the bloated squad he has down, and if any one position is thoroughly overpopulated, it’s wing.

Before his sale, Candeias was one of he, Jamie Murphy, Glenn Middleton, Eros Grezda, Jake Hastie, Jordan Jones and Sheyi Ojo. That’s a total of seven wingers and we’ve probably forgotten one or two.

With the Portuguese gone, it’s now three left wingers (Jones, Murphy and Middleton) and three right (Grezda, Ojo and Hastie) with of course interchanging possible too.

But why would the manager, so public about confirming our squad size is just too big, immediately seek to replace a squad player?

Was it just lip service to suggest an open-minded approach to the rest of the window? We’re not quite sure.

When it comes to Candeias’ position, Rangers are completely set. We have more than enough options and there is zero need to bring someone else in to replace him. Some might say ‘trust in Stevie’ and he is certainly earning that more and more these days, but this is a question of basic logic and if he seeks to trim the squad, replacing the players who he manages to get off the books may seem counter productive.

Some might argue that he didn’t see Candeias as a squad player, that he was good enough that he actually requires replacing within the ranks of the first team squad. We wouldn’t agree there. He showed flashes, yes, and some games definitely saw the best of him, but he was far from irreplaceable and miles from indispensable.

So, only Gerrard knows what else Rangers plan to do with the window, and if he really seeks to sign someone else to replace Candeias.

But we must admit we hope he doesn’t bother. There’s just no need.


  1. The trouble is that we have 3 right wings – Grezda who we want shot of, Ojo, who may be good enough or may run hit and cold, and Hastie who is unproven. I never thought Candeias was god's gift, but we knew what we would get from him. Hard work, cover for Taverner's forward runs and some but not enough goals and assists.
    We cannot guarantee getting that from Hastie or Ojo.
    Which is why we should not have let Candeias go and especially not for £250k. Ridiculous.

  2. If Gerrard thinks so highly of Candeias that he feels he must be replaced then why the hell did he let him go and why for a paltry £250k, if that is true. Rangers fans deserve better than undisclosed fees and media speculation. Give us the fee and the reason for selling at whatever fee it was.
    NEW prices remember!!!

  3. Miffeild is flooded with talented players i for one was sad to see danial sold still not sure of our best starting 11 but even saying thata QUALITY number 10 would be nice cull needed but who when push comes to shove oreety obvious who will be going out the door we are nearly there with the squad and In stevie g we trust

  4. I reckon, he always saw Candeias as a fixed squad member, not as one of the ones who would be moving on along with Grezda etc, so he’s probably thinking aloud that if all the others move on, then he’s one short with Candeias moving, so is considering a replacement.

  5. Heard He's Gonna Play Arfield on the RM

    Also we should Try Playing Docherty in the No.10 Role