Rangers transfer latest – two names, one position…


As we suggested in earlier entries, it does to all intents and purposes appear the bulk of Rangers summer transfer work is done.

But, it’s surely not completely over, and we’ll take you through the three major ‘deals’ currently being talked about.

Ryan Kent:

This nonsense is still going, and we’re starting to get tired of hearing his name. Frankly we’re far more excited about Jordan Jones and Sheyi Ojo to name but two, but nevertheless Kent’s name is still being whispered in Rangers’ circles. The latest is that Liverpool’s players will be delaying their return to pre-season meaning Steven Gerrard has to wait longer, apparently, for a decision. Frankly we don’t know what decision there is to make. Liverpool want to sell him, he wants to sign for someone permanently, and will only take Rangers on loan as a last resort. If he wanted Rangers, he wouldn’t be hanging around like this. So, can someone just end this saga, please?

Daniel Sturridge:

Still some tongues wagging that this one is the real deal. With the betting numbers favouring the move (but hey, they favoured RVP at one point too) Sturridge would be one hell of a coup, easily the best signing Gerrard has made yet and a wonderful addition, if he can remain fit. He would also be the quality striking addition Rangers desperately need, regardless of whether or not Alfredo Morelos stays.

A defender:

Yes, for all the great work done in the final two thirds, and even the potential at the fullback slots, the middle is… not great. Connor Goldson was never exactly outstanding last season, good but not great, while Katic didn’t get to play anywhere near enough so didn’t get a chance to develop. Meanwhile, the signing of Oldham’s George Edmundson hasn’t really set Rangers’ fans’ heather on fire – he is Oldham League Two after all. We definitely need a really good central defender, and we’re hoping something is being worked on. But the names have definitely dried up in that area.

And if you guys know anything we don’t, fill us in at the comments.


  1. I hope we are actively pursuing a decent striking option or two and definitely an experienced CH for cover and mentoring our young CH's . But striker options have to be expanded …

  2. For once I agree with most of what you are saying, Kent is very tricky and is very quick but his final ball and setting up team mates is not that good and there is no way that he is a 12 mill player, and remember these loan deal now they have to play a certain number of games so you are stuck with them.
    Sturridge yes I would have in a heartbeat, we need another striker and he fits the bill, as for the comments about him being lazy and made of glass are just a load of crap these same people were saying the same about defoe.
    Defensively I agree again goldson is ok but lacks concentration, too many times beat in the air.
    We have a decent squad now but we still need another finisher and another defender.

  3. Ive said for a while Kent is overhyped by our fans, good player and had lustigs number all day but his goals ratio is poor and he snatches at shots. I think Jones offers the same and hes our player. Kent is never!!! worth £12 to rangers. Wouldnt even offer £1m as a loan deal for him.

    Goldson was maybe a victim of gerrards chopping and changing of CBs all season. Gerrard's the only guy who wouldnt see the changes were hurting the team unfortunately… I expect plyers from last season to improve Goldson and Katic will be a solid partnership imo.

    • B. Goodson is too nice for my liking … look back to the game at Asbestos-dome when Eduourd skinned him on the half way line … it was a no brainer, he Shooda taken him out … Tam Forsyth woodnae have hesitated. We need a big F off brute in there to clear everything in his path. Katic was held back last season, if he is given the game time he has real potential… but we need this other guy, and I don't mean Skirtel.

  4. The media are the ones who continue to speculate on the Ryan Kent situation on a daily basis, even when there is nothing new to report they just repeat the same stuff again and again.
    SG and GMcA have said clearly they want Ryan Kent and are prepared to wait for Liverpool to make a decision. I don't think the decision is in Ryan Kent's hands, he is an employee of Liverpool FC until such time as they decide to sell him, keep him, or loan him out. Kent, quite naturally, is playing his cards close to his chest until he knows Liverpool's intentions for him.
    If he did come back to Rangers for another season, and continued to improve the way he improved throughout last season, then he would be a huge asset to have available.

    Jones and Ojo look good prospects, but are untried at Rangers so we don't know how they are going to do. Hopefully they will do very well, but we have seen plenty of exciting looking players arrive at Rangers and fail because of the demands.

    Sturridge could be a fantastic signing, but also a huge (and expensive) risk because of his injury history. It's a hard one to call, but it would be a huge statement of intent if Rangers signed Sturridge.

    We certainly need another CB. Someone more mature and experienced would be good, and they could help develop the CBs that we have.

  5. It is not up to Kent to decide he wants to go to Rangers and surely you would appreciate that for the sake of his career he would prefer a permanent move. I think Kent will really kick on this year and he would still be a welcome addition for me. Having said that if he's going to cost £1m, or possibly £2m as you suggested previously, for a one year loan deal then let's go with Murphy or Jones and have Middleton as back up.

  6. RR… Middleton still has a bit to go … better to loan him out for game time … don't you think ? I agree with you re the potential loan fee … that does make mae squirm.

    • I agree Middleton would benefit from playing regularly but if his planned loan doesn't go through and he stays then we should look to get him game time here. I think he is a good prospect.

  7. Kent will report monday morning for start of Pre season training, just like the rest of Liverpools squad players, nothing will be decided until Liverpool get a good look at him.

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