Friday, 19 July 2019

Rangers star man still needs to cut out the errors - view

We’ve touched on this before once or twice, and after last night’s ultimately superb win over St Joseph’s, the issue reared itself again, as Tom Miller and Peter Lovenkrands started moaning about it as well.

We are really, really, REALLY liking Glen Kamara these days. From a £65K bargain, this kid is developing into a serious multimillion-pound star – a true asset and someone special.

But we have pointed out in the past his big weakness is concentration, and the knock-on effect of losing the ball in important areas.

Well after two incidents in a row last night which drew ire from RTV’s finest, Kamara REALLY needs to learn to buckle up more, and keep full intensity throughout the 90.

Many times now the former Dundee man has scrappily lost the ball deep in the heart of midfield with a poor inside pass, failing to read the game around him and just losing focus in the process. It has cost goals as well.

Last night he did it twice, and one of them left him desperately trying to recover and having to concede a bad foul.

And if he can just tweak out those occasional errors, he really will be completely devastating and near-enough the most complete midfielder at the club.

He is already a remarkable player, a 23-year old rising star of the game who could be worth up to £30M in the future and beyond.

But for now, he has to learn the bread and butter basics a little better and stop cheaply giving the ball away in key areas.

And we fully back him to do so under the wisdom of the best man to teach him.

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