Thursday, 25 July 2019

Rangers could pull off a blinder to avoid another £2M loss

After confirming Albanian disaster Eros Grezda is on his way out, a lot of questions must be asked over the decision by Steven Gerrard to sign him.

Obviously this was a significantly large investment of £2M and he was a player who, at the time, had been injured for half a year.

How he managed to pass Rangers’ medical is unknown, but now Gerrard has conceded that this player was indeed broken when he joined:

"I think it has been frustrating for everyone. He came with an injury and found it very hard to shake off and come back in a good place. So I don’t think he got off to the best of starts."

Steven, he’d been out of the game since May! Why on earth did Rangers pay £2M for a crock?!

Gerrard made some mistakes last season, and follows a long line of managers to do so, especially with Rangers’ budget. But we just can’t account for a man of his clear intelligence electing to invest well over a million pounds on a player we all could see was seriously injured.

How did this medical get passed? Was there one? How on earth was Grezda even advised to Rangers? He wasn’t in the Osijek double header for obvious reasons – who recommended him?

We’ve suggested before this might have been bad advice from Borna Barisic, but that is just speculation on our part….

Either way, this was a bad, bad signing. Hopefully we can regain a chunk of change. It’s said that French giants Dijon are in for him, well, hopefully we get a profit.

I mean come on – this is a player Albania NT boss Christian Panucci once said was a £20M player. In what, Monopoly money?

If Rangers can hawk this guy to the French top flight for more than we paid, all is not only forgiven but we will in fact praise the whole episode as genius on Stevie’s part to make Rangers a profit.

But… we’ll see…

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