Friday, 19 July 2019

Rangers could be set for a massive 3-man squad disruption; reports

Yes, we’re still going on about Daniel Candeias, but the 31-year old’s exit is having the biggest ripple effect of any Rangers departure in recent years, and as the Portuguese moves onto pastures new, the residual impact of his movement is only becoming more apparent as the story develops.

As we mentioned earlier, James Tavernier is a big ‘victim’ of this – losing his playing partner, his linkup pal – it’s a huge loss and change for the captain who has relied on Candeias for two years.

We’ve obviously suggested a solution which is perfectly valid, but it’s certainly true that Candy’s departure is going to have a big squad and playing impact.

And another has today broken as well with the inevitable news which may have been an oversight to many, including us, that Alfredo Morelos has now lost his best mate, and the Hispanic clique between the two is now no more.

Candeias is Morelos’ link to the squad – while the Colombian does know some English, his grasp of it is basically diabolical, and he relies on Candeias to interpret. They’re also close friends aside that.

With Candeias gone, Morelos is now extremely isolated, and either forced to truly learn English, or outright leave.

We’d noted on the site how distant he’s seemed lately – even despite his goals last night, he still isn’t looking happy. Well, admittedly this is a grumpy looking boy at the best of times, but now he’s looking even more distant than usual – mind elsewhere.

Candeias’ move is possibly why.

So the disruption to the squad of Candeias moving on is a very interesting dynamic. Stevie refused to guarantee him starts, rightly, and the consequence of that is Tav and Morelos losing their best mate or football partner within the club.

This could have a big knock-on effect, and if we’re honest, we never did like the Candeias and Morelos clique – it felt removed from the rest of the squad and stopped the Colombian ever properly integrating with it all.

Either way, Candeias is off to pastures new and things are going to change as a result.

Quite frankly, we believe it’s for the better of the club.

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