Rangers could be in line for massive windfall following latest development

Rangers could be in line for massive windfall following latest development

Brighton and Hove Albion have joined the race to sign James Tavernier, after media reports that Newcastle are ready to actually bid for Rangers’ captain.

The brutal reality is if the right amount does get submitted, by whoever, the player will leave – assuming, that is, he can agree personal terms – and we doubt PL giants are going to struggle to pay him.

Of course, Tavernier has a tonne of unfinished business at Ibrox – he’s given us four years of his life, with varying consistency and performances, but whatever you ‘think of his defending’ or his ‘crossing’, the 27-year old has certainly become a valuable asset and Brighton, Newcastle nor Aston Villa (or anyone else) will be getting him on the cheap. And he hasn’t lifted a single trophy at Ibrox either as capatain, and may consider that an itch he wants to scratch.

But money talks, and if at least three PL sides are in for him, it’s evident he’ll go for a lot of it.

The other sides said to be interested are top Championship sides, and a few from the continent in Italy and Spain – the fact is Tavernier’s gung-ho style very much suits La Liga and the open expansive football they play there.

But whoever does finally blink and make the first move will need to plunge deep into their pockets to pay what the man is worth.

The media claims £10M, we’d argue that’s only a starting point.

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  1. If Tav goes i,d want Rangers to hold out for the same kind of money that our friends from the San Giro are looking to get for their injury ridden full back. Lets not forget that Tav twice was selected in UEFA,s team of the week for his performances and has a fantastic goals/assists ratio and has never missed a game for the famous thru injury.

  2. Every team in British football will know the trouble we are in with sports direct and all we will get is lowball offers that we will most likely have to accept

  3. Agree £10M is a realistic fee for a man that never misses a game and despite having been a whipping boy for a number of years has become a great player. Ive been critical of him in the past but I think a lack of knowledge on the job hes asked to do leaves us fans over critical… a guy who is asked to attack from a defensive position then defend without mistake leaves him exhausted and the team exposed. Gerrard seems to have acknowledged this with cover or alternative set peace takers.

    It has to be realised no wing back in the league contributes as much as tav, yet others seem to recieve all the praise whilst injured (again)

    However we'll sell him for 10 bob going on current standards of the BOD

    • £10 M should be the starting point.
      -He is English, which Tierney is not, that counts.
      -He has not played Champions League, point to Tierney
      -He has played Europa League, point Tav
      -He scores a lot of goals. Yes, a lot of penalties, but if they were dead certs to score, everybody would take them. They aren't and it scares a lot of players. A lot of players also miss a lot of penalties. I think Tav has missed one
      -He scores a lot of free kicks, not an easy task
      -He has more assists than any other player in the league. Not any other Right Back. Not any other defender, like Tierney. ANY OTHER PLAYER. Wingers, AM, forward, any of them. That is gold dust.
      Tierney has more caps, but for Scotland. And more CL experience, even if unsuccessful. He may or may not be a better defender, but he has been injured too much to assess that this last season. Tav doesn't do injury, it offends him

      To recap, he is worth the same ballpark as Tierney, more on some metrics, less on others. But ballpark. I am not saying he is worth £25 M, that is for other clubs. But his value should be in the same ballpark as Tierney's

  4. I don't think tav will go even if a bid is accepted. I think he wants to stay as he loves it here and wants to be here for 55. I could be wrong because obviously money talks for some people but don't think tav is one for money. He is a true blue now.

  5. If he goes, he goes. But IN you read too much into his earlier statement and i cant help feeling you eant your mirelos/candeias/tavernier posts to oan out.

    Put a better CDF and RW/RM with him…if he cant replicate that what he had with Candeias…sorry that says a lot about him.

    Can we stop the 5+ posts on players. Tav will only go if we accept an offer and thats life in football. If he goes we need to trust in our manager to replace

  6. Don't think he wants to go anywhere until the buroo boys have been put in their place. He knows when we win the league this season he ll be a legend.

  7. Realistically tav is a great asset to Glasgow Rangers,but like people have said,money talks,I personally hope he stays,but money is big down south compared to players wages in Scotland,whatever he decides WATP.

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