Rangers blow has big and worrying impications

Rangers blow has big and worrying impications

You may have noticed we’ve not really covered the latest court stuff with Sports Direct. Ok, there’s been basically nothing on it, and it’s been with good reason.

With things looking promising on the pitch, a hark back to the dark old days of Mike Ashley and Sports Direct and Derek Llambias and the Easdales and everything else connected with that feels like a universe away, and one which we’d love to keep consigned to history.

But, sadly, thanks to some naïve errors by secretary James Blair, among other things, Rangers find themselves right back in the quagmire of this nonsense, with the latest court case ruling in Ashley’s favour.

It’s a biggie – it confirms a ruling judgement that Rangers did not give Sports Direct the opportunity to match Elite/Hummel’s bidding offer for merchandise partnership, and that Blair lied about the true nature of that deal to SD, by not forwarding the contract to Ashley, therefore not giving them the chance to match or beat the offer.

And the result is that Rangers’ merchandising could now be once again in SD’s grip, with a large payout potentially meaning all funds accrued through those channels are subject to a percentage siphon over to SD.

This could mean many, many millions, depending on how the court rules.

The implications are vast, and worrying:

Rangers fans may well want to boycott merchandise again, to stop avoid funding Ashley.

Player sales may well go straight into Ashley’s pocket rather than the club coffers.

Ashley once again has an apparent stranglehold over our merchandising channels meaning a reverse back to those bad old days again.

It’s not good – and we’d have to say either Ashley’s legal team is exceptionally good, Rangers’ is exceptionally bad or a bit of both. Rangers have won some key battles in this war, but this one is the biggest yet because it could easily impinge not only on merchandise, but Rangers’ ability to sell our most prized players and keep the cash for ourselves.

Why can’t this stuff just go away once and for all?

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  1. Why not simply put the offer to Sports Direct ? They would never have matched it anyway and we could have just walked away . This stinks of bravado , naivety and downright the board sticking their head in the sand . We are going to have to sell Morelos and Tavarnier just to cover to cover the payout and other clubs will smell blood so we will get pittance for them now and could still be stuck with Ashley . This board has to make a statement as MR King promised transparecy

  2. This is amateurish stuff. Whomever made that decision should be sacked. I remember after the orginal court case re merchandise, it was clearly stated in news reports that the club had to give Sports Direct the chance to match any offer. The fact we didn't either by error or sheer blooded mindedness is pathetic and is potentially going to cost a lot. Especially with Frasers looking like losing the SD group money. They'll want their pound of flesh from this.

  3. I remember that post too Gav E , presumed you and me thought they'd had made the bid and Ashley had walked away like thousands more as it was never mentioned again , thought the 3 million King paid was the final payoff? I'm going to support us through thick and thin but if I was an outsider and the club was a dog , I'd just put it down , had enough now and it will never end . King needs to start taking on this one .

  4. We have won do battles with Ashley.
    Kung come out and said he had won and that was the end of sports direct at Rangers. We now know he paid £3m to Ashley to get out of the last deal that was signed by Charles green. Not only did he do that, he then went in to sign a deal with sports direct that is significantly worst.
    We have list every court case regarding this, we keep on appealing and keep on losing. In doing so we keep having to pay legal fees for us and sports direct as they keep winning. The bill for Mike Ashleys lawyers is now over £1m and the judge is saying he will be due many millions in compensation.
    James Blair must be sacked and the board have to come out and explain themselves

    • You would be wrong. The previous deal has nothing to do with the new deal. It will be decided on how much we,elite and Hummel have made since the deal had been signed

    • But that's the argument against not paying multi millions. When he had the contract rangers fans wouldn't do business. Him being in charge was bad for rangers as the evidence shows.

  5. Gav E is absolutely correct. The prick/s who is/are responsible for this absolute amateurish decision should be sacked for Gross Misconduct.

    FUCKING Disgrace. Say bye bye to ten in a row because we keep handing it over to the scum by OUR FOOLISHNESS

  6. why is there no court case being brought against ashley and his placed goons on a board and those board members not doing business for the good of the club? and all contracts that are so ridiculous that not a single company in the world would agree? only the placed stooges would ever sign they contracts! not to mention the advertising at the stadium for nothing and them trying to get ibrox tied into agreements to then default to give ashley ibrox….why is it rangers have not taken these scumbags to court?

    • None of Ashleys place men were on the board in 2017 when the deal was signed. It was signed by the current board, Dave king and James Blair are then main people responsible

  7. I read today that the only bit of good news for rangers fans is that this will end eventually, which is fine but cany anyone tell me when it will end please?

  8. Agree with comments abovex the club advisors are amateurs! If you breach a contract regardless of who or in this case "what" the contract is with you are liable. As per the BOD make decisions that make a mockery of the club. The same people hired caixinha ffs. Numpties Playing businessmen!!!

  9. We had crooks in place before the aisdales came but then has Ashleys 3 best mates from Newcastle join the board too , they sold the sponsorship for £1 for 3 years to Sports direct then made an agreement to take 7p in the pound on merchandise sold . The thickest person in the world would know something was amiss . But rather than suck it up and move on , some idiot has left us open to a multi million payout . I'm not buying anymore tops etc till I know where my money is going to end up .

  10. If you want to get rid of Ashley tell him to tell him to rip up contract and he can have tavernier.

  11. This won't go away because Dave King is an incompetent, bumbling, dishonest fraudster who is completely out of his depth as this latest fiasco proves. He chairs a board of waxwork dummies that appointed another bumbling idiot as chief executive. Everything he has touched at Ibrox from the initial takeover bid to the Ashley saga to the laughable failed managerial appointments has been a shambolic disaster. Every time he opens his mouth he turns the club into a laughing stock.

    • Really do you think that Mr King Mr Park Mr Taylor all put that money into Rangers for a laugh !!!!!Please listen to yourself without their Take Over Rangers would be finished

  12. I would doubt very much if fat Mike cared about making money on Rangers merchandise. He knows the majority of fans would boycott any goods that would make him money.He has had a boot in the balls by King and it looks to me that he has a vendetta against our club. Unfortunately it would seem all the while the prick is breathing, all this shite is here to stay.

  13. Sorry to inject some realism but this is a footnote on a projector in a meeting room nowhere near Ashley’s boardroom. A million here or there? Do you really think he cares even remotely about this? He’s trying to sort out how to integrate and make money out of Debenhams ffs. His lawyers are working this to impress the guys who report to him. Can’t anybody on this site count?